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Varsity Tutors is exactly what my son needed...In just a few weeks he had a better grasp on Spanish 4 and raised his grade significantly! I highly recommend them to anyone needed additional help! Thank you!

— VT Parent

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James is incredibly knowledgeable with the German language. He explains things in a way that is easy to understand and helps tremendously with pronunciation. He also gives vocabulary that is useful for everyday conversations, but also tailors it to words that I personally need for my studies. My German comprehension has increased dramatically in the 2 months I’ve been working with him.

— Leah D

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Varsity Tutors has conducted over 130k hours of live instruction in foreign languages since 2008

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Your child's learning style is unique. We've successfully matched hundreds of thousands of learners to the exact right instructors to help them succeed.

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I have always wanted to learn Spanish and never have I been able to really do so. With Varsity Tutors and my fabulous tutor, I now can have real conversations. The interface is easy, my tutor can see my work and correct it with a white board function. Very pleased.

— James L

What's your current level in French?
Did you know?

Varsity Tutors has conducted over 130k hours of live instruction in foreign languages since 2008

Which of these best describes your learning style?

Your learning style is unique. We've successfully matched hundreds of thousands of learners to the exact right instructors to help them succeed.

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Our Spanish instructor at Varsity Tutors is very engaging and encourages both our understanding of the material as well as correct pronunciation. He is encouraging us at every turn and in just 2 lessons we have learned a great deal from him. We would recommend people to check into VT for learning a new language!

— Yusuf

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If you're looking for French lessons, Varsity Tutors can help you get started with two of the most efficient and effective ways to enhance your French studies. Learning a second language can help you communicate with people around the world, which can open up opportunities both personal and professional. Whether you are currently in high school, a college student, or you're a working professional, we can enroll you in a class or introduce you to a French tutor. Either option can help you increase your understanding of the nuances of the French language.

There are more than 75 million native French speakers worldwide, and over 200 million more speak French fluently. With the addition of second-language French speakers, there is a grand total of more than 350 million people around the world who can use French to communicate. It is an official language in around 30 different countries, and it is the second most studied language in the world. The world today is incredibly interconnected, and you could encounter any number of situations in which French fluency might be useful. From recreational travel to the business world, there are a wide range of opportunities for those who can speak a second language.

If you are interested in adding a new language to your skill set, Varsity Tutors can set you up with two different types of French lessons: online classes and private tutoring. Both of these services offer unique benefits, and it's up to you to choose which of the two best meets your needs. Many students even opt to take part in both lesson types to maximize their language learning.

What are some of the topics that French lessons near me can cover?

French is a classic Romance language that has its roots in Vulgar Latin. It's similar to other widely-spoken languages such as Spanish and Italian. If you have a background in any of the Romance languages, you may have an easier time picking up on the nuances of the French language. French uses the same Latin alphabet as English, which is helpful in that students do not have to learn a new writing system. However, there are several new concepts that native English speakers will be introduced to, such as irregular verbs, gendered nouns, and French phonology.

When you choose to seek out additional lessons in French, you will have the opportunity to use your new skills during each session. This is perhaps the most important benefit of working with an instructor, whether it's in a class or in a one-on-one environment. It can be hard to remember which form of allez you should use with je, tu, elle, il, nous, vous, and ils if you don't have plenty of opportunities to practice your skills. French instructors can help you internalize the proper conjugations through consistent repetition with engaging materials.

Your lessons in French can also cover vocabulary and gendered nouns. Gendered nouns are classified as feminine or masculine, a concept that's unfamiliar to many English speakers. Some nouns are intuitive due to their roots or meaning: "la femme" means "the wife," for example. However, it can be difficult to recall the gender of more neutral nouns, such as objects or foods. Your instructor might encourage you to think of the article and the noun as a single word or help you brainstorm amusing mnemonics to help you remember that "le chien," or "the dog," is masculine. French lessons can help you retain this type of information through practice and discussion.

Perhaps the most critical component to success in learning French is speaking French regularly. Speaking a new language ties together all of the concepts and skills you'll need to master in order to communicate effectively. Studying with a fluent French speaker means that you will hear the language spoken correctly. Your instructor can help you with corrections and guidance in pronouncing words properly. For example, there are some plural words that have only subtle differences in their pronunciation, so you must learn how to distinguish between "le passeport" and "les passeports." The practice you can get speaking with and listening to your instructor and other classmates can raise your confidence in your French language skills.

What are the benefits of French lessons near me?

If you are someone who prefers the energy and collaboration of a classroom environment, you might prefer our online course. An online course takes place in a virtual classroom, and you will study under the guidance of an expert French instructor alongside other students. Online French courses are set up in a familiar manner, and in many ways, it is just like attending a typical classroom-based course. During each session, you will be able to interact with your instructor and classmates over video chat. You can ask questions and discuss the concepts you are studying in real time, which means you'll receive the feedback that you need right away.

In our French course, you will also be able to learn collaboratively. When you team up with a group of students who are at the same French proficiency level as you are, you can get additional perspectives from other learners. Your instructor may incorporate group activities into their lesson plan, which gives you the chance to practice with, learn from, and share knowledge with fellow students. For example, if you are confused by the difference between acute and grave accents, a classmate might share a clever method that can help you remember when to use one accent or the other. And the same is true for you - by sharing the tips and tricks that you have learned, you can deepen your understanding and retain information more readily.

Students who prefer a customized, private approach to language learning may be interested in signing up for French lessons with a private tutor. Varsity Tutors can connect you with a private, professional French instructor with whom you can study one-on-one. In private sessions, you have the opportunity to work toward your goals in a way that suits your learning style. Your instructor also has the ability to revamp lesson plans on the fly. If you master one concept more quickly than anticipated, you can immediately move on. And if you need additional time to fully grasp a topic, you're able to study it until you feel confident, with no pressure to move on.

Since your instructor is focused on your needs, this means that your sessions will always be structured to optimize your strengths. A private French teacher can set up lessons that account for your strengths, weaknesses, learning style, and interests in order to keep you engaged and motivated. If you are a visual learner who's interested in cooking, your instructor might create flashcards with different kitchen tools and then ask you to use the items in a sentence. Or, if you are a kinesthetic learner who loves nature, you and your instructor might assign you an activity to stroll through the botanical gardens to practice naming plants and colors. In a private French lesson, there are endless opportunities for customization.

Though there are unique perks to each type of French lesson that we can set you up with, tutoring and courses share many core benefits. All of the course instructors and private tutors have been vetted thoroughly, which means you'll always learn from an expert who understands how to help you learn effectively. Plus, supplemental instruction gives you the chance to interact with an instructor who's enthusiastic about sharing his or her French knowledge with you and who wants you to succeed.

The interaction that you will receive in your lessons is another vital benefit. When you're learning to speak a new language, it's important to have guidance from someone who is fluent in order to master the proper accent and pronunciation. Both French courses and private sessions give you the chance to practice speaking and listening with immediate correction. This type of prompt feedback can help to nip bad habits in the bud before they become a problem. If you feel a bit of trepidation when you think about speaking aloud in your French class at school, you may find it a bit easier in online French lessons since you're studying alongside a group of students who are as dedicated as you are.

French instruction in one-on-one and class environments also provide you with opportunities for immersive instruction. Depending on your level of comfort with the language, your instructor may choose to lead part - or all - of a session entirely in French. This approach can boost your listening comprehension skills and help you pick up more vocabulary in context, as you'll need to make new connections between unfamiliar words. Though this method may sound intimidating, there's no need to worry. French instructors are in tune with the needs and abilities of their students, and immersive teaching is only used in situations appropriate for your current level.

Where can I attend French lessons near me?

Whether you opt for private instruction, online courses, or both, you'll be able to choose from scheduling options that make it simple to fit French lessons into your schedule.

All of the French lessons provided by Varsity Tutors are entirely online. Online courses are much more convenient than a class that you must attend in person. Since you will visit your class virtually, you can study from wherever you prefer as long as you have an internet connection. You don't have to factor in a commute to and from a specific location, which makes it easier to fit a French class into your life. You can choose to study in an environment that's most conducive to your learning style. There are many different choices in terms of when classes are in session. There are sections held during the daytime, in the afternoon, and in the evening, and you can choose between two-week and four-week sessions. Plus, you won't ever have to wait too long to get started - new sections begin on a monthly basis.

If you opt for private French lessons, it's even easier to arrange sessions to fit into your schedule. Since you only have to agree on a time with one other person, you have much more flexibility in when your sessions take place. For additional convenience, you can opt for online French tutoring sessions. Using our state of the art Live Learning Platform, you can meet your tutor face-to-face from wherever you are. This eliminates the necessity of a commute, meaning you can sandwich your sessions between college classes or meet on a relaxed weekend morning. You'll be able to share ideas with your private French instructor using video chat and a virtual whiteboard, and you can choose a study space where you feel most productive.

You can also meet with your tutor in person if you choose. You and your private French instructor can arrange to have sessions at a location that's convenient and conducive to learning. In-person sessions also allow you to have "field trips," where you can use French in the real world. You and your instructor might visit the supermarket to talk about the gender of each vegetable or go to a department store to discuss making purchases and review clothing vocabulary. Whether online or in-person, meeting with your French mentor couldn't be easier.

How can I get started with French lessons near me?

If you are interested in enrolling in a French course or connecting with a tutor, reach out to Varsity Tutors. Our educational consultants are standing by to give you more information about how French instruction can enhance your education. They can also answer questions and help you choose the type of French lesson that works for you. Both online classes and private tutoring can provide the guidance you need to increase your confidence in French. New courses start each month, and we can connect you with a private French tutor in as little as 24 hours. Call today to get started on your path toward French proficiency. We are excited to start you on your language learning journey!

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