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Varsity Tutors can set you up with a solution for all of your Certified Medical Assistant prep training needs. If you're interested in studying in a class setting, we can arrange for you to cover every aspect of the CMA exam within a collaborative learning environment. If you would rather receive personalized attention, we can match you with a one-on-one Certified Medical Assistant prep tutor. Either way, you can review both the content knowledge and test-taking tips you'll want to know before the CMA exam.

The CMA exam is the final hurdle you must overcome before earning the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) CMA certification: a valuable professional credential that signifies you have the approval of the AAMA Certifying Board (CB). The test consists of 200 multiple-choice questions split into four, 40-minute segments. Concepts covered fall under one of three categories: General (medical ethics, risk management), Administrative (medical business practices, scheduling appointments), and Clinical (infection control, processing specimens). If that sounds like too much material to review on your own, continue reading to learn more about the online Certified Medical Assistant prep we can arrange for you.

How can a Certified Medical Assistant prep teacher help me work toward my professional goals?

You can study for your CMA exam with a class of peers or in an individualized learning environment. If you opt to work in a class, your teacher can encourage collaborative work to help everybody improve their understanding of challenging concepts. For example, one of your new friends may have practical experience that can help you understand practice finances. You can also practice professional communication skills, an aspect of the job that many training programs neglect. You may also request additional one-on-one support if you feel like you need extra help with any particular concept.

Alternatively, we can help you find a private educator who can design a customized study plan around your unique needs. For example, a visual learner could study medical terminology by reviewing flashcards with their instructor, while an aural learner might prefer to use verbal repetition instead. If you're a hands-on learner, your instructor can also incorporate plenty of practice problems into your online Certified Medical Assistant prep to reinforce your content knowledge. A private teacher can also proceed according to your pace, whether that means moving more quickly through concepts you understand or slowing down for more difficult topics. A private instructor can even address any questions you have quickly, enabling you to seek clarification before a simple misunderstanding transforms into a more significant learning obstacle.

Whether you choose a collaborative Certified Medical Assistant prep class or individualized instruction, it can also be a good idea to take practice exams as part of your prep. Multiple-choice questions can be deceptive, so gaining firsthand knowledge of how the CMA exam tends to word items can help ensure that you understand each question. Likewise, your instructor can show you how to eliminate some of the incorrect answer choices to make any guesses you take more effective. Most importantly, you can review your answers with your academic mentor to help you understand where you're improving and anything you might want to look over again before your testing date.

Can I schedule Certified Medical Assistant prep training to fit into my busy day?

We understand that your free time is at a premium, so we strive to make Certified Medical Assistant prep tutoring as accessible as it can possibly be. We do all of the research that goes into finding you a great Certified Medical Assistant prep tutor so you can concentrate on more important things. We can also facilitate your choice of in-person or online instruction to better meet your scheduling needs.

If you decide to study online, your CMA exam prep will take place on our Live Learning Platform: a virtual study space that offers a variety of powerful features to improve your study experience. You can log into our platform anywhere with a reliable internet connection, including your living room or a local library for added convenience. Working remotely also allows you to work with the best instructors regardless of their geographic proximity to you. Best of all, your online Certified Medical Assistant prep is recorded automatically, so you can go back and review topics such as patient navigation or pharmacology at your convenience. Who knew private instruction could be so simple?

How can I sign up for professional Certified Medical Assistant prep tutoring services?

Trying to find a Certified Medical Assistant prep tutor on your own can prove tricky, so why put yourself through the hassle? Varsity Tutors can help you find an instructor in as little as 24 hours, so reach out to us today to speak with an Educational Consultant who can help you determine which option would be the best fit for you. You'll be glad you did!

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