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Varsity Tutors can help you find the Praxis test preparation option that is best for you. If you've ever looked up "Praxis help near me" online before, you probably already know how effective a strong Praxis test prep plan can be. The Praxis is a test that most prospective teachers will be required to take before they can be certified by the state in which they wish to teach. Therefore, scoring well on the test should be the goal. If you would like to spend more time focusing on the content and skills that the test covers, it can be a good idea to seek out Praxis test prep options. There are many Praxis prep solutions that can help you feel more confident in your abilities and more prepared on test day.

Why Take a Praxis Exam?

If you're at all interested in taking the Praxis, then it's probably because of your interested in becoming a professional teacher. Many students require that individuals who want to become teachers take a Praxis exam. In fact, you may be required to take this test before, during, and even after you become a credential teacher. There are two primary levels to this exam that many states require their teachers to pass before they can earn their first teacher certifications.

Want some help preparing to take your upcoming Praxis exam? If so, you can easily get it by signing up for a Praxis test prep course with Varsity Tutors. Getting started with Praxis test prep can help you enhance the quality of your study sessions. The right Praxis test prep plan could even enable you to get more out of the time you had already planned on spending on the Praxis test preparation process. You can get a more in-depth look at the various ways Praxis test prep can help you pursue your test goals in the sections below. If you already know you want to sign up for test prep assistance, you don't need to search online for "Praxis help near me". Rather, just contact an educational director at Varsity Tutors today to get started.

Praxis Exam Eligibility Requirements

Before beginning the Praxis test prep plan that you ultimately decide on, it's a good idea to spend some time researching whether or not you're actually eligible to take the Praxis exam. This can save you the hassle of beginning an in-depth Praxis test prep process only to find out later that you can't even register for the exam.

Thankfully, there are very few requirements that you must satisfy in order to take a Praxis exam. In fact, you can take the test even if you don't have a college degree in education. Many professionals decide to become teachers at a later point in their career. If you find yourself in this scenario, then, you can still take the test without any problems.

However, there are a variety of requirements associated with the Praxis exam as it applies to becoming a professional teacher. For example, state licensing requirements may vary, but a large number of them will require those interested in becoming teachers to first pass one or more Praxis tests. You can learn more about these requirements during your Praxis test prep sessions if you're curious about how a requirement may relate to you.

Breaking Down the Praxis Exam Series

The Praxis contains three sections: Math, Reading, and Writing. The Writing portion of the test consists of two distinct sections, one regarding argumentative writing and the other featuring informative/explanatory writing. Each state is different in its score requirements. A Praxis class can help you make more sense of your home state's requirements and can help you work out how to get there. You'll find a more detailed look at each of these test sections in the paragraphs below.

Some of the topics that are included on the test are as follows:

  • Functions
  • Inverse expressions
  • Noninvetrible function
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Pythagorean theorem
  • Radian measures
  • Rhetoric
  • Non-parallel structure
  • Sentence Fragments

The first section of the exam focuses on your reading comprehension skills. You'll be asked to read a series of short, long, and brief written materials. After reading these passages, you'll then need to answer around 2 to 7 questions on each of them. You'll be asked to demonstrate your understanding of the passage's main ideas, details, and vocabulary, among other things.

The next section of the exam focuses on your mathematical abilities. Here, you'll need to demonstrate that you can problem solve using a variety of mathematical skills. Some of the topics that you'll be tested on are algebra, geometry, data analysis, and probability. You may be asked to integrate several different mathematical skills when answering some of these questions.

Finally, the last section of the exam is Writing. There are actually two different Writing sections. As detailed above, you'll need to write a different essay for each of these sections. The first will focus on argumentative writing while the second will focus on informative writing. For this test section, you'll need to show that you can craft a compelling piece of writing that is grammatically and organizationally sound within a short time window.

As all of the above information indicates, there are a variety of different topics that you'll need to have a strong understanding of in order to perform well on your Praxis exam. Praxis courses from Varsity Tutors may be the missing piece of your Praxis prep plan. In the section below, you'll learn more about how Praxis courses can positively impact your Praxis test preparation process.

Finding Your Own Ideal Praxis Prep Option

Varsity Tutors offers several distinct forms of Praxis prep that you may be interested in. The Praxis prep option that you ultimately decide on should reflect your test goals, learning style, and scheduling requirements. Read on to get a more in-depth look at each style of Praxis prep that you can choose from.

The first Praxis prep option that you may be interested in is Praxis tutoring. Praxis tutoring is one of the most in-depth Praxis prep options available. You and highly knowledgeable Praxis tutors can spend time going over everything related to the test, from content and skills on the test to the tactics and techniques that you can use while taking the test. Each Praxis test prep session gives you the chance to ask questions of your tutor, allowing for customized answers from an instructor who knows your unique learning style. Praxis courses also allow you to receive feedback on your progress and the opportunity to receive tips that can help you make improvements. Praxis classes provide you with a safe environment that can help you feel better about taking chances that could increase confidence in your abilities.

Another perk of working with Praxis tutors is the ability to receive personalized instruction based on the content that you need the most help with. Praxis prep sessions allow you to single out the areas where you need the most growth. Your instructor can tailor the Praxis test prep material that they provide to suit your individual needs, keeping your unique learning style in mind. If you know that you are a math whiz, for instance, you and your tutor can spend your Praxis preparation time on the other parts of the test.

Alternatively, you may also be interested in Praxis prep that takes place in a small group setting. Taking a Praxis class in this format may be right for you if you've previously enjoyed the traditional classroom learning experience. Your Praxis class instructor will go over everything you need to know before taking your exam through a series of Praxis prep sessions. This Praxis preparation option also gives you the opportunity to work with your Praxis preparation instructor in a one-on-one setting when you need additional help with a challenging topic.

You and your talented instructor can spend your Praxis prep time focusing on the methods that can help you work toward the best score that you are capable of. This can include working on a study plan that lays bare your weaknesses and allows you the time necessary to correct them. Whether you prefer Praxis tutoring or a small group Praxis course, you can find an option that fits your scheduling requirements. When you reach out to us, we make every effort to find you Praxis classes that meet your scheduling needs. This ensures that your Praxis classes won't interfere with the other important parts of your life.

Additionally, your Praxis course can help you develop your general test-taking skills. For example, have you ever experienced test anxiety? This is an unfortunately common occurrence for individuals who are taking important exams like the Praxis. Having test anxiety on the day of your exam could make it difficult to focus on your test and remember what you learned about in your Praxis courses. However, your instructor can spend some of the time from your Praxis courses focusing on showing you techniques you can use to overcome this.

Additionally, Praxis tutors can show their students how to manage their time more effectively while taking their test. This can be accomplished through things like practice tests and sample problems. These are skills that you'll be able to utilize on your upcoming Praxis test as well as on any future exams that you take. If you are interested in signing up for one of these test preparation options, you don't need to search online for "Praxis help ". Instead, simply contact an educational director at Varsity Tutors today to begin your own ideal test preparation plan quickly and easily.

Understanding Your Praxis Score

Upon finishing your Praxis exam, you'll get your score sheet soon after. There are a few different things that you'll find on this scoring sheet so it's worth taking the time to go over it. The first thing you'll see is whether or not you passed the exam. Here, you'll also find the range of scores that were possible for each test section as well as the range possible on the entire exam. You'll also see thing slike the middle 50% of scores on the exam, which will give you a sense of how you compare to the other individuals who took the same test you did. Finally, depending on how well you performed, you may find that you earned a Recognition of Excellence (ROE) Award.

Many test-takers prefer to see the percentage of the questions they answered correctly. Your scoring sheet may or may not show this for you. If it doesn't you can easily calculate it yourself because you'll be able to find your raw score data. You can simply divide the number of questions you answered correctly on a test section by the total number of questions in that section. This will tell you what percent of the questions you answered correctly.

Getting a good score on the Praxis is important because your test result has the potential to significantly impact your career. If you don't pass a Praxis exam that is required to earn your teaching license in your state, then you'll have to put a hold on starting your career and retake the test. The exam's importance is why online searches for things like "Praxis help near me" have grown in recent years.

Getting Started

Do you plan on taking the Praxis soon? If so, then it's important that you start figuring out what you want to include in your test preparation process soon. Having a strong plan in place early could be a difference-maker in terms of how successful your study sessions are. If you'd like to work with an expert during your test preparation process, then you don't need to search online for things like "Praxis tutoring near me". Instead, why not let Varsity Tutors help you enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your study sessions with the right studying supplement for your specific needs.

As you might expect, the more time you spend on Praxis test prep, the more confident you are likely to feel on test day. With in-depth content delivery and close attention to detail, a Praxis course could be just the thing that you need in order to take control of your academic future and pursue your career goals. Contact Varsity Tutors today to ask any questions or to get enrolled in a Praxis prep option that works for you.

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