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Connect with Varsity Tutors, and we can make sure that you're matched with the Arkansas Bar exam training you need to reach for your potential on this exam. If you're serious about practicing law in Arkansas, you'll need to study for the bar in a structured, efficient way. Working with a highly qualified personal instructor in a one-on-one setting is a smart way to do just that. There are benefits of one-on-one tutoring that are hard to achieve with other study methods. Compared to studying alone, tutoring with a knowledgeable law expert can have considerable advantages. Read on if you'd like to explore the possibilities offered by the tutoring we can set you up with as you study for the bar exam in Arkansas.

What is on the Arkansas bar exam?

In order to practice law in any US state, you'll need to pass the bar exam first. The bar exam serves to determine whether you truly have the skills and knowledge to practice law in a professional capacity. Each US state has its own agency that offers the bar exam, and these agencies may have varying requirements for those who wish to take the exam. In order to take the bar exam in Arkansas, you must first graduate from an ABA-approved law school. You cannot take the bar exam in this state if you've graduated from a foreign law school.

Completing this exam can take you up to three days, and it covers many separate tests that can test your knowledge on a range of topics. Arkansas has adopted the UBE (Uniform Bar Examination), which is comprised of three sections: MBE, the MEE, and the MPT. In addition, the bar exam in Arkansas requires completion of the MPRE.

The MBE (Multistate Bar Examination) is a multiple-choice test that comprises of 200 questions. It's given twice each year. The subject matter of the MBE is mostly focused on common law and the Uniform Commercial Code. The time limit is usually split in two, as you'll have three hours to complete the first 100 questions during a morning session and a further three hours to complete the last 100 questions in the afternoon. Because the time limit is an important factor with the MBE, you can approach this test in a more efficient way once you've worked with your Arkansas bar exam coach to learn new time-management techniques. These new strategies can include planning out how many minutes you're going to spend on each question and skipping questions that are eating up too much time.

The Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) is the essay writing component of the UBE. We can match you to Arkansas bar exam tutoring that can help you sharpen your essay writing skills through practice essays conducted with your instructor. The MEE is worth 30% of the final UBE score, and you'll need to complete six essay questions that can cover concepts like family law, evidence, and contracts. You can spend as much time developing a more solid grasp of topics like these when we connect you to Arkansas bar exam training.

The MPT is the last section of the UBE. Also known as the Multistate Performance Test, this component represents the most hands-on element of the UBE. The MPT tests your ability to perform real tasks that a lawyer might be asked to complete in the course of their career. The MPT comprises of two tasks that might involve drafting a complaint or writing a contract, and you'll have 90 minutes to complete each one. You'll have plenty of time to practice these hands-on skills with the Arkansas bar exam tutors we can match you with, and they can offer feedback as you complete these tasks in a simulated test environment.

The MPRE is the final component of the overall bar exam in Arkansas. The Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam is essentially an ethics test, and it evaluates your understanding of the ethical implications of practicing law as well as the law that governs the professional conduct of practicing lawyers. Question topics may cover concepts like contempt, privilege, and disqualification. Your Arkansas bar exam tutors can explain these potentially confusing topics in different ways until you gain a firm grasp of them.

When you take the bar in Arkansas, you'll be asked to pay a fee of $500. If you need to retake the exam, you'll be asked to pay another fee of $500. Taking the bar twice or more can quickly become costly, and you can avoid these unnecessary expenses by allowing us to connect you to Arkansas bar exam tutoring. In this structured environment, you can follow the guidance of a personal instructor who understands what you need to do in order to perform well on the exam.

How can Arkansas bar exam tutors help me study for my test?

One of the key benefits of private tutoring is the fact that you can set the pace for your learning. Since there are no other students in the class, you can slow down and cover topics like constitutional law at a speed that helps you process and absorb key concepts more easily. The Arkansas bar exam tutors we find for you can also increase the pace of your learning if you're tackling a topic you have experience with, such as torts. This level of prioritization can make your study sessions more productive, and it helps you avoid sitting through lectures on topics that you've already mastered.

We can also find Arkansas bar exam trainers who can adapt to your learning style to make your study sessions even more efficient. You can process information more effectively as a visual learner if your instructor uses techniques involving flashcards and color-coded charts as you cover civil procedure. If you learn more effectively through in-depth discussions, your instructor can speak with you at length about jury verdicts. Hands-on learners can also benefit from this customizable study setting, and instructors can create interactive activities that can help you achieve a more solid understanding of post-trial motions.

How can I fit sessions with Arkansas bar exam tutors in with my busy schedule?

We understand that studying for the bar might not be easy to fit with your schedule, whether you're a working professional or a busy university student. You can rely on us to find you Arkansas bar exam tutoring that can fit with your lifestyle. You can choose between online and in-person sessions, and the virtual setting of our Live Learning Platform can be accessed from any location with an internet connection.

This flexible and convenient virtual setting features all the tools required for effective learning, including real-time video chat that allows you to communicate at length with your instructor on the topics you need help with. A virtual whiteboard is also helpful if your instructor needs to use visual teaching methods to illustrate certain topics.

One of the most useful features of our Live Learning Platform is that it automatically records and saves all of your sessions. This makes it easy to review past concepts you've covered with your tutor and study for your exam on your own outside of your scheduled one-on-one sessions.

How can I find an Arkansas bar exam coach today?

Contact Varsity Tutors today, and you can speak with our educational consultants and ask as many questions you need before we set you up with a thoroughly vetted, highly knowledgeable expert who can help you approach your bar exam with confidence.

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