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If you're looking for a comprehensive Phoenix SIE prep course to make it easier to study for the exam, Varsity Tutors provides one of the best options on the market. The SIE (or Securities Industries Essentials Exam) is a standardized test taken by individuals interested in working in the securities industry. It covers a broad swath of topics financial professionals need to understand, including the types of financial products (including associated risks), the role of various regulatory agencies, and prohibited practices. The exam is offered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and is the first step toward earning a securities-trading license, though you must also pass a qualification exam appropriate for your specific field, such as the Series 7 exam if you're interested in trading.

While you need to be registered with a FINRA member firm before you can take a qualification exam, you can take the SIE while you're still attending a local school such as Ottawa University - Arizona or Arizona University. Many students opt to take the SIE as soon as possible in order to demonstrate their commitment to prospective employers. Continue reading to learn more about how we can help you prepare for this difficult test.

What topics can I review in a Phoenix SIE course?

The SIE consists of 75 multiple-choice questions given over an hour and 45 minutes, which means that time management is just as important as your academic knowledge. If you're feeling stumped, it may be better to take a guess and move on rather than trying to puzzle it out for an extended period of time. Your instructor may give you practice exams so that you can experience what the time available feels like firsthand, making it easier to budget your time on exam day.

Likewise, FINRA is notorious for including deceptively worded questions that can trick you into choosing an incorrect response even if you understand the underlying material. Taking practice tests can help you identify these tricky questions for what they are and answer them appropriately. You can also review the results of your practice tests to identify your strengths and any areas of opportunity you might want to go over again, helping you make the most of any study time you get in between class sessions.

What are the benefits of enrolling in a Phoenix SIE course?

Every Phoenix SIE class instructor is thoroughly vetted, so you will be working with a great communicator with a comprehensive understanding of the structure and concepts of the SIE. Our exclusive Live Learning Platform also allows you to see and hear your instructor as if you were in the same room, so asking for help is as simple as raising your hand. Why bother with the hassle of a commute when you can attend a class on your device of choice?

You can also interact with your peers on our proprietary online platform. If you're having a hard time understanding the risks associated with exchange-traded products, one of your peers may be able to explain it to you in a more relatable way. Similarly, you can help one of your classmates review Direct Participation Programs, or DPPs, if they're struggling with them. Many students find that studying in a collaborative learning environment makes it easier to develop a deeper understanding of academic concepts versus trying to go it alone.

Studying in a group also gives you amazing value for your money, as you can split the cost of your Phoenix SIE instructor with all of your classmates. If you ever feel like you could benefit from individualized instruction, you also have the right to request private help from your instructor to work on any learning obstacles you're having a hard time with. As such, there's really no downside to trying a class to see if it's the right fit for you.

We also try to make attending a course as convenient as possible. We offer multiple course sessions concurrently, including both two and four-week options to make it easier to find a course that fits into your schedule. New courses also start up on a monthly basis, ensuring that you will never need to wait too long to get started.

How do I sign up for a Phoenix SIE course today?

Knowledgeable Educational Consultants are currently standing by to help you enroll in a Phoenix SIE class or answer any questions you have, so contact Varsity Tutors today to get the process started. We look forward to helping you work toward professional success!

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