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If you're looking for a review course for the SIE, the Ann Arbor SIE course provided by Varsity Tutors can be an excellent choice. Whether you're a working professional who wants to take on entry-level positions in the securities industry or a student from the University of Michigan who dreams of becoming a securities industry professional, this course can have a positive impact on your review. The course covers key concepts tested in the SIE and it's led by highly qualified instructors who can guide you through a comprehensive review and share tips on how you can improve your performance in the test. The Ann Arbor SIE class is also offered in the morning, afternoon, and evening so you can have many options when starting your review.

What are some of the topics in Ann Arbor SIE prep course can cover?

The SIE or Securities Industry Essentials is a test created by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) designed to assess a candidates know-how on basic securities industry information and concepts such as the structure of the securities industry markets, types of products and their risks, and regulatory agencies and their functions. The course tackles the different sections of the test called "Functions" and aims to help you become more familiar with the content and format of the exam.

There are four Functions in the SIE and each function corresponds to a different percentage of your total score. There are 75 multiple-choice questions and you need to get 70% to pass the test. The four Functions are Knowledge of Capital Markets (12 questions, 16% of the test); Understanding Products and Their Risks (33 questions, 44% of the test); Understanding Trading, Customer Accounts (23 questions, 31% of the test); and Prohibited Activities and Overview of the Regulatory Framework (7 questions, 9% of the test).

Function 1 covers topics like offerings, regulatory entities, and FINRA rules, while Function 2 covers topics like real estate investment trusts (REITs), exchange-traded funds, and MSRB rules. Function 3 tests you on topics like compliance considerations, anti-money laundering, and NASD rules, while Function 4 has questions on topics like reportable events, SEC rules, and employee conduct.

Your instructor can give a detailed review of the types of questions under each Function so you can know what to expect during test day. You can also learn test-taking techniques and study tips from your experienced Ann Arbor SIE class instructor.

What are the advantages of enrolling in an Ann Arbor SIE course?

If you are finding it hard to start your SIE review due to conflicts in your schedule, then you'll appreciate that the SIE course with Varsity Tutors is offered entirely online. This means we are able to offer more course times within a given day so you can easily fit a course in your schedule. You can enroll in the morning before going to your general education classes or you can take evening classes if you are working in the daytime. There are also weekend courses especially popular with working professionals.

Another benefit of an online course is that you don't need to spend extra time traveling to and from school. This means you can have a more convenient way of preparing for the SIE. All you need is to log into your account and you can have live classes with your SIE instructor. It's possible for you to ask questions and receive immediate and relevant answers while comfortably studying at your home. There will also be other students in the class, which can give you many opportunities to learn together with aspiring securities industry professionals. By listening to their perspectives or working with them in a group, you can gain fresh insights into a topic that can then help you better understand concepts in the industry.

Worried about not getting the attention you need? The course gives you the opportunity to reserve a one-on-one meeting with your instructor if you need extra help with topics like Direct Participation Programs (DPPs), Books and Records and Privacy Requirements, Definition and Identification of Risk Types, or any other topic or key concepts covered in the SIE.

How can I enroll in an Ann Arbor SIE course?

The SIE is just one of the perquisites you need to pass if you are planning to have a career in the securities industry. There are other requirements like a background check and a qualification exam for the type of specific business you want to work in. However, your successful securities industry career starts with passing the SIE. Contact Varsity Tutors and enroll in an Ann Arbor SIE course so we can help you reach for your test goal.

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