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If you're looking for outstanding Louisville ACT prep opportunities as a student at an area school like DuPont Manual High School or Atherton High School, Varsity Tutors can set you up with the right Louisville ACT prep. The ACT is a standardized exam which was created with the intention of measuring a student's college and career readiness. It is split into four sections and evaluates your retention of the knowledge and skills taught through junior year of high school. As a huge part of the college admissions process, it's important to work hard and do your best. Working with the right ACT prep course or instructor can make a difference in your confidence as you take the ACT.

What can Louisville ACT prep cover?

The ACT is divided into four required sections and includes the option to take a Writing section. The required sections are Math, Reading, English, and Science. If you take the ACT without the Writing section, you have just under three hours to complete the exam. Let's take a closer look at the ACT sections, starting with the optional Writing section.

The Writing assessment of the ACT adds 40 minutes to your ACT test time and measure your ability to write at the level expected in entry-level college courses. You'll need to demonstrate your ability to draft a well-organized and supported viewpoint based on a passage presenting an issue. You must write a response to the argument based on your own perspective and analyze connections between your own viewpoint and three different given perspectives.

The other sections test your knowledge of the subjects you have learned in school.

The Math section assesses your mathematical skills from pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry and consists of 60 questions. You have 60 minutes to answer multiple-choice questions which can vary in topic from number systems and numerical reasoning to probabilities and data collection.

The 40-question Reading section measures your reading comprehension to the level of literature you'll find in freshman year of college. You'll need to demonstrate your ability to identify themes and relationship between texts, as well as be able to draw conclusions on a word or phrase meaning based on context. You are allotted 35 minutes to showcase your skills in this portion of the exam.

The English section assesses your understanding of English grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation, as well as style and tone of language. You'll need to demonstrate your mastery of topic development and organization to excel in the 75 question portion of the exam. You'll have 45 minutes to do your best on this part of the ACT.

The ACT Science section will test your knowledge on biology, chemistry, earth/space sciences, and physics concepts. You will need to be able to know how the Scientific Method is used for investigative and experimental purposes. This section, which is the only science assessment found in any standardized college entrance exam, contains 40 questions which you must finish within a 35-minute time limit.

What are the benefits of Louisville ACT prep?

There are two exceptional prep options available to students who choose Varsity Tutors for their ACT prep review: an online, interactive classroom or private ACT instruction. Whichever option you elect to use, you can be sure you're receiving instruction from the best teachers due to our rigorous interview process. Here we'll take a closer look at the two options and the unique benefits gained from each.

When you choose to enroll in a Louisville ACT prep class, you'll be gaining entrance to a collaborative, interactive classroom accessible anywhere you can find a computer and high-speed internet. You'll be able to speak, listen, and view your instructor as if you're sitting in an actual classroom. You also will have the opportunity to work with your peers in group activities and discussions. You can help each other with peer editing to improve your Writing skills or work through trigonometry problems to prepare for the Math section. Working in a group setting this way has been shown to help with knowledge retention and can make education more enjoyable. In addition, if you are struggling with a specific concept, you can elect to set aside time to speak with your class instructor to gain clarification on the topic in question. This option is great for social learners who prefer a structured learning environment.

If you prefer a more informal setting or simply wish to make use of one-on-one sessions, you can be connected with a Louisville ACT tutor to assist with your ACT review. This gives you access to the opportunity for personalized lesson plans which focus on reviewing the exact areas you need help understanding. Your instructor can monitor your academic progress and adjust lesson plans as you grow in your knowledge and skills. This gives you the opportunity for more efficient study sessions since you won't be spending time review topics you've already mastered.

Some students may even elect to take advantage of both options. No matter what your study and schedule needs are, Varsity Tutors can help connect you to the right ACT prep to assist you in working towards your academic goals.

How do I get started with Louisville ACT preparation?

Getting started with ACT prep courses or tutors is extremely simple and convenient when you work with Varsity Tutors. All you need to do is call one of our Educational Consultants and have a conversation about your review and scheduling needs. Depending on your requirements, we will either enroll you in a prep course or connect you with a private ACT mentor. If you elect to take a course, you'll be able to decide between a 2-week or 4-week course. New sessions begin every week so you can start as soon as you're ready. If you choose the private instruction route, you'll be connected to a teacher who fits your academic and scheduling needs. If you're ready to get started and put your best foot forward as you prepare to attend college, call Varsity Tutors today and get connected to the best Louisville ACT prep course options available.

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