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If you are getting ready to take the ACT, Varsity Tutors can give you the opportunity to review and build your test-taking skills through comprehensive Boulder ACT prep. This exam is offered to most students in their junior and senior year at high schools like Fairview High School and Boulder High School. While you may not yet have begun filling out your college applications, chances are you will need to take a college assessment exam like the ACT. Since your score can demonstrate your college readiness to the institutions you've applied for, thorough preparation can make a difference in your performance on the exam.

The ACT is one of the two most widely accepted college admissions tests available. Made up of five sections, the ACT can be challenging to prepare for on your own. No matter where you are at in your preparation process, you may be wondering how you can make the most of your test prep sessions. Varsity Tutors can help you identify the ideal ACT prep options that are right for you, whether you'd rather work one-on-one with a private mentor or participate in an interactive online class. Let us guide you toward the test prep source that works for your needs.

What can I learn with Boulder ACT prep?

While there are five sections of the ACT, four are mandatory and one is optional. The required sections of this exam are English, Math, Reading, and Science, which allow just under three hours to complete all the problems on this exam. If you choose to take the ACT with Writing, you will have an additional 40 minutes for the test. Let's dive into each section to explore the various concepts that you will face on this exam.

You will have 45 minutes to tackle the 75 multiple-choice questions on the English section. This section requires an efficient pace to complete it in time. The questions presented in this section are based on short passages. While many of the questions will focus on editing and revising the text, you may face questions about certain sections, sentences, or the passage as a whole. You will need to understand written English in terms of structure, grammar, style, tone, cohesion, and other aspects.

The Science section offers a 35-minute time limit for 40 multiple-choice questions. You will need to be able to interpret, analyze, evaluate, reason, and solve problems. There are a variety of key scientific concepts you will need to understand for this exam, such as scientific tools, scientific investigation, space science, and physics.

When it comes to the Math section, you will have one hour to complete 60 problems that span concepts that you have learned throughout your educational career. You will face questions pertaining to pre-algebra, trigonometry, intermediate algebra, coordinate geometry, and many other subjects. Among the many key concepts this section assesses your knowledge of are number systems, equation interpretation, geometric calculations, and data collection.

The Reading section spans 40 questions, which you have 35 minutes to complete. The questions are passage-based. You will need to be able to identify, summarize, and understand themes, ideas, and relationships. Throughout this section, you will face situations similar to what you can expect in your first year of college.

The optional Writing section consists of one prompt, which you have 40 minutes to answer. The prompt will provide an issue along with three perspectives. Your task will be to provide a well-written, logical response that connects your perspective and the provided perspective. This essay is your chance to demonstrate an understanding of drafting, organizing, and communicating your ideas.

How can I benefit from a Boulder ACT preparation service?

Varsity Tutors can help you get started with personalized instruction or a collaborative online Boulder ACT prep course. Each option offers a variety of unique advantages, though many students opt to reap the benefits offered by a combination of the two. Let's explore your test review options.

Perhaps you would benefit best from participating in a Boulder ACT prep class alongside your peers. We can get you signed up with interactive online test review sessions that run just like a traditional classroom. We understand that student life can be busy, so new sessions start every week! You can even choose to join two- or four-week sessions at a time. An online class can give you the opportunity to explore the exam in a set curriculum under the guidance of an expert mentor.

Collaborative classes can give you the opportunity to chat with your mentor and classmates as you participate in class activities. Your instructor can demonstrate different ways to approach the problems on the exam, such as how you can eliminate answers on the exam to help you find the right answer. You can join in class discussions while you build the test-taking skills that can bolster your performance on this and future tests.

Perhaps you prefer to learn in a one-on-one setting. We can help you connect with a Boulder ACT tutor who can provide the type of instruction you need to feel confident in your abilities. Your private instructor can assess your understanding of the exam, identifying the areas of skill in which you have the most room for improvement. For instance, perhaps you have strong writing and reading skills. Your mentor can focus your attention on the Science and Math sections of the ACT. Your instructor can even tailor your study sessions to accommodate your learning personality, interests, testing goals, and other pertinent factors. Working with a private mentor can enhance your study sessions by focusing on your individual needs.

How do I get started with Boulder ACT prep?

If you're interested in gaining support for your test prep efforts, get in touch with Varsity Tutors. We can help you sign up for the type of Boulder ACT prep that can suit your individual needs. Our educational consultants can help you decide the best option for you, whether you'd rather learn with a dedicated mentor or a prep course. Contact us today for more information.

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