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If you are searching for help in preparing for the ACT, Varsity Tutors can connect you with ACT prep in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Students who are wanting to attend a college or university usually have to take the SAT or ACT to be admitted. It is important for you to achieve your best score since admissions boards consider your performance to determine your eligibility. If you are a student at institutions like Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School or Memorial High School, you can use professional Oklahoma City ACT preparation to help you reach for your score goals. If you have been studying for a while or if you have just started, you could get help from an Oklahoma City ACT prep course or an Oklahoma City ACT tutor.

Does Oklahoma City ACT Prep Review All Sections of the Test?

There are four required sections and one optional section on the ACT. We can connect you with an Oklahoma City ACT prep class or tutor that can review all sections and topics covered in the ACT. Math, Reading, English, and Science are all required sections. You can choose to take the Writing section as well. To give you a better understanding of what to expect on the exam day, we will describe what each section covers in more detail.

There are 60 multiple-choice questions in the Math section that will measure math skills students acquire up until the 12th grade. You have 60 minutes to complete this section, and certain calculators are permitted. The subjects tested are Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry. In order to be successful in this section, you should understand how to interpret equations, as well as solve, graph, and model different types of expressions. You will also need to know number systems, functions, probabilities, distributions, and data collection.

You will answer 40 multiple-choice questions in the Reading section. All questions are based on passages you are given to read. You will have 35 minutes to read and answer all the questions. It is important that you know how to identify central themes and ideas, understand relationships of different types, and summarize ideas. You will be determining word and phrase meanings, differentiating between facts and opinions and making connections between texts. This section measures reading comprehension situations that are commonly found in first-year college curricula.

In the English section, you will also be answering questions based on provided passages. There are 75 multiple-choice questions that must be answered in 45 minutes. These questions measure your understanding of language skills, English, and how to produce writing. To be successful in this section, you will need to have an excellent understanding of sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, topic development, organization, cohesion, and tone of language.

The Science section consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. These questions are meant to measure your reasoning, problem-solving, evaluation, analysis, and interpretation skills. You will be given 35 minutes to answer the questions. This section tests skills you should have acquired in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth/Space Science. You will be manipulating and analyzing different formats of scientific data. You will also need to know the scientific method and other tools, designs, and procedures of scientific investigation and experimentation. There may be a short experimental section after the Science section, but don't worry, it is not scored.

Lastly, if you choose to take the Writing section, you will be given a prompt that presents an issue and 3 different perspectives on that issue. You will state your own perspective and analyze the connections between your perspective and at least one of the three perspectives you are provided in a written response. You will need to draft and organize your ideas, as well as analysis and compare different concepts. This section tests writing skills generally taught in high school English classes. This section allows 40 minutes and requires handwritten responses. Students with diagnosed disabilities that prevent them from writing by hand will be accommodated.

Additional information to know about the ACT is that each year there are only a few test dates in the U.S., and all testing starts at 8:00 AM. Dismissal for the ACT is around 12:35 PM. If you take the ACT Plus Writing, dismissal is around 1:35 PM. Also, you will be required to use a #2 pencil to write and choose your answers, and it is important to answer all the questions, even if you have to guess. Finally, scoring ranges from 1-36, with 36 being the highest score.

What Are the Benefits of Using Oklahoma City ACT Prep to Help Me Prepare?

There are many ways you can benefit from using Oklahoma City prep to help you prepare. We can connect you with prep classes for you to attend online so that you can learn from wherever you feel comfortable. When you enroll in a prep class, you will participate in collaborative and interactive learning with other students and a professional instructor. Group discussions and learning can improve your retention of information, and help you learn new techniques and skills for preparing for the ACT. Also, if you need additional help outside of the classroom setting, you can schedule one-on-one time with your instructor.

We can also connect you with a tutor if you prefer to learn in individualized sessions. Working with a professional instructor in a one-on-one setting can allow you more personal attention and flexibility. Your instructor can take the time to learn your goals, needs, and personality. They can also adjust your learning plan to fit your needs.

No matter if you choose a class, a tutor, or both, our Educational Consultants can connect you with qualified professional ACT prep to help you reach for your goals. The skills you can learn from using ACT prep can help you to prepare for other tests and subjects later.

Where Can I Get Connected with Oklahoma City ACT Prep?

Varsity Tutors can connect you with qualified, reliable, and professional ACT prep in Oklahoma City. Don't try to prepare for this important test alone. Contact us today and let us connect you with a class of tutor to help you try to improve your score.

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