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Are you looking for assistance in preparing your student to take the ISEE? Varsity Tutors is a great way to gain access to a top-notch Spokane ISEE prep class. If you are seeking enrollment for your child in a magnet or independent school, the ISEE is one entrance test considered by many school admissions offices. The Independent School Entrance Examination assesses each child's academic abilities and potential for success in a private school learning environment. The exam allows for comparative data analysis for school administrators determining admission. Remember, it is never too early to take the time to prepare for your child's academic future. By reaching out to Varsity Tutors and signing your child up for a Spokane prep course; you can help your child feel comfortable and set for success come test day.

How can taking a Spokane ISEE prep course help me?

Enrolling your child in a course gives them access to an online classroom that is led by a professional instructor. Instructors will have a thorough knowledge of the concepts tested in the various levels of the ISEE. There is a rigorous interviewing process for all instructors to ensure each is qualified and able to communicate topics ranging in complexity. Varsity Tutors is able to bring the classroom to your child on a virtual platform where they can see, hear, and interact with the teacher in real time. Each Spokane ISEE prep course is designed to guide your child through a learning experience that is in a format similar to live classroom sessions.

You can expect your child to learn about the types of questions seen on the ISEE. Going through this process will hopefully reduce your child's chances of becoming lost in and confused by the material. During sessions, your child will be going over a basic overview of the nature of the test and the testing process as well as the scoring system. Joining an online course also gives your child a chance to engage in group interaction with others. This discussion-based learning can be great for feedback, clarification, and educational support.

What material does Spokane ISEE preparation cover?

The ISEE is a timed test given in four levels that are Primary, Lower, Middle, and Upper; and all levels use similar subject matter with varying levels of difficulty. Your child will need to demonstrate their skills in topics like Verbal Reasoning, Reading, and Quantitative Reasoning. Adequate test prep can help your child learn valuable test-taking tips and strategies that could help them learn to work smarter and perform more efficiently.

The Upper level of the ISEE is designed for students entering 9th grade and up, and it tests students in five major sections. The format for this level of testing is the same format for the Middle and Lower level tests and contains the same number of questions in a given time. The Middle Level ISEE is for students entering 7th and 8th grades, while the Lower Level test is given to students entering 5th and 6th grades.

For the Verbal Reasoning section, your student will answer 40 questions in 20 minutes that will focus on synonym usage and sentence completion, as well as identifying parts of speech and vocabulary appropriate for each level of schooling. In the Quantitative Reasoning portion of the test, students are given 35 minutes to complete 37 questions. Here, students are assessed on mathematical skills in thinking and problem solving versus mathematical operations. The Math Achievement section is where mathematical operations are tested extensively. Students will need to answer 47 questions in 40 minutes focusing on concepts like data analysis, solving equations, and the use of coordinate grids. In the Reading Comprehension portion of the exam, 35 minutes are given to answer 35 questions about a given passage. Students should demonstrate an ability to identify the author's intent, main, and supporting ideas. Each student should also be able to infer, compare, and contrast the information given. The ISEE also includes an Essay section where students respond to one writing prompt in 30 minutes. This portion allows students to show they can organize and present a grammatically accurate response while using relevant details to expand on the argument presented.

The Primary level of the ISEE is for any student entering 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade, and each grade will be tested in Reading, Math, and Writing. The Reading section is multiple choice and will require your student to answer questions that show reading comprehension and an understanding of age-appropriate vocabulary. The Math portion of the test is also multiple choice, and its goal is to assess a student's skill in basic math operations. Lastly, students must provide a Writing Sample that is not scored but will be passed along to the schools the student has applied to. Here, the student must compose an organized and creative essay based on a given picture. It is important to note that there is an additional test section for grade 2 only. It is an Auditory Comprehension section, where students are given 6 questions in 7 minutes. This area of the exam requires each student to listen to several fiction and non-fiction passages and then answer questions based on their content.

How can a Spokane ISEE tutor help me?

Participating in prep prior to test time can aid you and your student in identifying the areas that need improvement and the areas that don't. A tutor can provide your child with the opportunity to receive relevant feedback that can be applied prior to test day. Signing up for one on one sessions with a private tutor is a way to get personalized and customized attention for your child that may not be readily available in school. Tutors are educated and excited to help all students through encouragement and generating a positive learning environment.

Let a Spokane ISEE prep course provided by Varsity Tutors or a private ISEE instructor be your guide to the right academic preparations. New courses begin weekly and are available in two or four-week sessions. Tutors are available at all time. Sign up today!

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