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Varsity Tutors can get your student set up with comprehensive and skilled Memphis ISEE preparation that can take their test review to a new level. Taking a standardized test like the Independent School Entrance Exam, or ISEE can be a critical component to your student's application to their preferred private schools. The exam allows prospective schools to determine whether a student has the skills and knowledge necessary to keep up with the course expectations of that school. Whether your student has barely begun preparing or they have been reviewing for a while, they may benefit from working with an expert either one-on-one or in a group. We can help you there.

What can my student review with Memphis ISEE prep?

The ISEE is a comprehensive exam that covers a variety of skills and concepts based on your student's grade level. The ISEE comes in six flavors: Primary 2-4, Lower, Middle, and Upper levels. Each is more advanced than the previous and aim to measure grade-appropriate skills.

Students entering the second, third, and fourth grade can take the Primary Level ISEE. While all three contain a Math, Reading, and Writing section, Primary 2 includes an Auditory Comprehension section. This portion assesses their ability to understand spoken information, which is necessary for future courses. The Writing sample is unscored. Your student can use the picture prompt to give schools a glimpse into their personality and skills. The Reading and Math sections assess your student's grasp of math operations, vocabulary, and reading comprehension according to their grade's expectations.

The Lower Level, Middle Level, and Upper Level ISEE are like one another in some key ways. Each exam spans five sections: Math Achievement, Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Essay. They also share time limits. Your student will have 20 minutes to complete the Verbal Reasoning, 35 minutes on Quantitative Reasoning and Reading Comprehension, 40 minutes on the Math Achievement, and 30 minutes on the Essay. From there, each level of the exam focuses on more advanced and complex applications of your student's skills. Let's take a brief look at what your student can expect on this exam.

Lower Level test-takers can expect to review a variety of skills for this exam. They will need a solid understanding of concepts like sentence completion, multiplication and division, important information buried within the text, and simple math operations. On the next level, your student will face questions that aim to measure their ability to work with fractions and proportions; compare and contrast information; calculate the area of geometric shapes; and define a word using roots. The Upper Level ISEE assesses your student's grasp of high school-level vocabulary, the ability to work with geometric shapes, drawing insight from subtly stated information, and solve mathematical equations involving quadrilaterals. The Essay section is not scored for any level. Your student will need to respond to a prompt about a topic of interest. The assignment can give independent schools an idea of their writing, organization, and planning skills. It can also serve as an opportunity to tell the schools more about themselves.

What benefits can my student enjoy from comprehensive Memphis ISEE prep?

We can get your student set up with Memphis ISEE prep in two excellent forms: classes and private tutoring. Different students respond to different approaches to learning. Each of these options offers a variety of benefits to students, both separately and in combination. Both are led by expert instructors who have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they are more than capable of helping students prepare for this exam. Here, we will look at each opportunity and how it could help your student.

Your student can enroll in a Memphis ISEE prep class that is held entirely online through a virtual classroom environment that aims to mimic a traditional one. Every week, new sessions start up on multiple sections of the exam. We can help your student find a class that can suit their schedule to ensure that they can get ready for the ISEE. Alongside their classmates, your student can learn about the exam's expectations, types of questions, format, and other features to cut down on potential surprises on the day of the test. They can participate in discussions about the concepts it covers, as well as engage in activities to practice new test-taking skills. If your student has trouble with a topic or skill, their instructor can set aside time to work privately with them.

If your student prefers to work in a one-on-one setting, we can connect them with an expert Memphis ISEE tutor who has a thorough understanding of the exam. They can get to know your student's learning personality to adjust their strategies and materials to suit their needs. A private instructor can assess your student's readiness and skills to identify the areas of the exam in which they have the most room for improvement. Rather than follow a set curriculum, your student's instructor can develop a custom-tailored study plan that focuses solely on the concepts and topics that your student needs. This can help your student make the most out of their time before the exam.

Private learning is a convenient opportunity that aims to engage your student on a personal level. Their instructor may use a variety of tools, such as practice tests, sample problems, writing prompts, and other activities, to help your student build their skills in an engaging way. They can demonstrate strategies and techniques that can keep your student feeling confident and motivated during the exam.

How can I get my student set up with Memphis ISEE prep?

Varsity Tutors aims to help students get ready for their academic futures. Your investment in your student's test review efforts can give them the opportunity to build invaluable test-taking and study skills and strategies that can be applied to their future endeavors. Whether your student would rather sign up for a Memphis ISEE prep course or work with a private mentor, our educational consultants can help your student get started with top-notch test review that can fit into their schedule.

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