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If you are interested in learning the German language outside of a conventional classroom, looking for additional help with a German class at the University of Nevada, or studying German at Centennial High School or Rancho High School, Varsity Tutors can help you build your skills through a Las Vegas German course.

When learning German, you should always be able to practice communicating in the language in order to help build your immersion skills, whether through speaking it with your German instructor or practicing it with other students. A Las Vegas German course will provide you with access to an expert German teacher.

There are over 90 million people around the world that use German as their primary language. There are several dialectal forms of German, with the majority being Low German or High German. High German is typically the one used by the mass media, in German literature, for administrative purposes, and for people seeking higher education. German is the only official language in both Germany and Austria and is also one of the official languages of Switzerland. There are many other places around the world where people speak German, including Belgium, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg.

If you decide to enroll in a Las Vegas German class, you will be able to tap into resources that can assist you as you pursue your goals in German. You can get help studying for an exam, you can further your bilingual skills for the business world, or you can simply learn to speak to people who use German on a daily basis.

What kinds of material are covered in a Las Vegas German class?

In your German class, you will learn all about nouns. For starters, every noun, whether proper or not, is capitalized. Once you learn this, you may have an easier time figuring out a German sentence because you'll be able to recognize which words are the nouns. When learning about nouns, you'll also discover that they are inflected by case, gender, and number. The cases include nominative, accusative, genitive, and dative. The genders are neuter, feminine, and masculine. The numbers are singular and plural.

Another concept you will learn is German verbs. Every German verb has a verb stem and a verb ending. When a verb in German conjugates, it drops the original ending and takes on a new one. Learning all the different verbs and how they conjugate can take a lot of patience, practice, and memorization, but your instructor will be there the whole time to help you. Other topics you may cover in your German class include how to properly pronounce words, essential vocabulary, and common German phrases.

How does a Las Vegas German course help me learn?

Since a Las Vegas German class is fully virtual, you will have the advantage of being able to learn wherever you are most comfortable. You will be able to choose when you want to study: whether that's during the day, at night, or on the weekends, there's a class for you. Since each class begins on a rolling monthly basis, you won't have to wait long to jump in and get started.

Online classes mean you don't have to worry that you're sacrificing interaction for convenience. You will have full interactivity with your classmates and instructor. You will be able to participate in various activities and discussions, all engineered to make sure that you are getting the necessary building blocks for a good German foundation.

You can interact with your classmates as though you are all in the classroom together. Being able to discuss concepts with others can help you learn, and if you need extra help, you can ask for it from another student or from your experienced German instructor. You can also offer that same help in return if another student is struggling.

If you need more time alone with your instructor, you can always request some one-on-one time with them. You will always get the help you need in your Las Vegas German class.

How can I get started?

Ready to begin learning German? Contact Varsity Tutors to help get enrolled in a Las Vegas German course. We will provide you with information on how and when you can begin your course, and which courses are currently being offered. We can also give you more examples of the topics that will be covered. With the interaction and convenience of a virtual classroom and access to a professional German teacher, you can work on building or increasing your German expertise.

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