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Varsity Tutors provides one of the best Salt Lake City USMLE prep course offerings available today. The United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) is a series of high-stakes assessments that most medical licensing authorities in the United States utilize as part of the process to earn a license for the unsupervised practice of medicine. These tests are cumulative, meaning that anything you ever studied at a local medical school such as the University of Utah School of Medicine or another institution is fair game. The sheer volume of material can feel stressful, so bring in the experts to make your test prep more manageable.

For example, your Salt Lake City USMLE class can concentrate on the specific part, or "Step," of the exam you're preparing for. Step 1 measures your foundation of knowledge and is generally taken at the conclusion of a student's second year of med school. Step 2 evaluates your clinical abilities and is usually taken during your fourth year of medical school. Step 3 is the final obstacle before earning your medical license and is typically taken after you have begun postgraduate training. Keep reading to learn more about how Varsity Tutors can help you with any of these exams.

What subjects are covered in a Salt Lake City USMLE course?

If you're studying for Step 1 of the USMLE, you can review broad concepts such as the mechanics of the musculoskeletal system or the importance of the lymphoreticular system. More importantly, you can go over test-taking strategies to boost your self-confidence on exam day. For instance, you probably don't have a lot of experience with seven-hour standardized exams. Your instructor can teach you concentration strategies to help you stay focused on each question.

Step 2 of the USMLE is split into two parts: Clinical Knowledge and Clinical Skills. If you liked the Step 1 exam but felt it wasn't quite long enough, you'll love the eight-hour Clinical Knowledge test. The Clinical Skills test is much more practical in nature, as you'll work with "patients" in a controlled environment. You're scored according to how well you take patient histories, communicate with your patients, and share your findings with colleagues in the form of a "patient note." If you could be more confident in your communication skills, you might consider role-playing with your instructor and even your fellow students to get the hang of it.

Step 3 is a huge test administered over two days. On day one, you have six hours worth of multiple-choice questions to answer. On day two, you have more multiple-choice items plus 13 computer-based case simulations designed to give you practical experience with what a doctor does every day. Making life and death decisions can be tough, so your instructor might recommend practice items to you so you're not going into the test cold.

What are the benefits of taking a Salt Lake City USMLE course?

Varsity Tutors thoroughly vets every Salt Lake City USMLE class teacher, so you can count on studying under the tutelage of a great communicator with a comprehensive knowledge of USMLE concepts. Therefore, any questions you have can be answered promptly and accurately.

All sessions also take place on our exclusive Live Learning Platform, an online classroom with powerful features such as video chat and a virtual whiteboard to provide a face-to-face study experience anywhere with a strong internet connection. We understand that nobody wants to sit in traffic trying to get to a class, so we eliminated the commute from the equation. You can also communicate with your classmates through our platform, allowing you to work together and create a learning environment conducive to deepening your understanding of challenging concepts. For instance, a student who could understand more of what they read could learn active reading techniques from a peer to get more out of medical journal articles.

Studying in a group also makes expert test prep more affordable, as you aren't responsible for the entire bill. You are also free to arrange private time with your teacher if you feel like you need individualized help with an issue.

Varsity Tutors also understands just how valuable your time is, and we've designed the course scheduling accordingly. We offer several course sessions simultaneously to make it easier to find one that works for you. Likewise, new sessions start monthly so you never need to wait too long to get started.

Can I enroll in a Salt Lake City USMLE course today?

Absolutely. Contact Varsity Tutors using the info provided on this page to get the enrollment process started. If you have any further questions about taking a Salt Lake City USMLE class, expert educational consultants are currently standing by to address them.

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