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As you prepare to take the USMLE, reach out to Varsity Tutors to enroll in a Cincinnati USMLE course. Most individuals who are taking the USMLE are currently medical school students or have recently graduated from medical school. Whether you're a student at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine or another school, enrolling in a USMLE course can help you feel more confident when taking your examinations.

What can a Cincinnati USMLE class cover?

The USMLE, or the United States Medical Licensing Exams, are a series of tests taken by those looking to receive their medical license in the United States. The three-step exam takes place over the course of several years for most individuals. The process of taking the USMLE starts around a student's second year in medical school for most. Step One of the USMLE is a one-day test session, where test-takers are asked to answer 280 multiple choice questions, divided into seven 60 minute blocks.

Step Two of the USMLE is divided into two parts. The first part is the Clinical Knowledge part. This portion of the exam includes 316 multiple choice questions, which are divided into eight 60 minute blocks. The second part of Step Two of the USMLE is the Clinical Skills section. Here, students are given 12 patient cases, with 15 minutes of time to meet with each patient and 10 minutes to record each patient note. The Clinical Skills section tests three subcomponents: Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Integrated Clinical Encounter, and Spoken English Proficiency. Most individuals take Step Two of the USMLE during their fourth year at medical school.

Step Three of the USMLE is two days of testing. On the first day, students are given approximately 233 multiple choice test questions, which are divided into six 60 minute blocks. Each block contains about 40 questions. On day two, test-takers must answer about 180 multiple choice test questions, which are divided into six 45 minute blocks, each containing about 30 questions. There are 13 computer based cause simulations during this test, where each simulation is allotted a maximum of 10 or 20 minutes of real time.

The USMLE is a long test that covers a lot of information, but that doesn't mean you have to feel overwhelmed moving through each step. When working in a Cincinnati USMLE class, you can increase your confidence in test taking materials and feel more relaxed as your testing dates approach.

How can a Cincinnati USMLE class benefit me?

Students studying medicine are busy, as are individuals working in the medical field. Whether you have a full-time job or a full course load, a USMLE class can help you make the most of your sparse study time. Sign up for a class to enjoy interactive online classes. Each class is lead by a skilled and professional instructor with a strong knowledge of the contents of the USMLE. Not only does your instructor understand the USMLE, but they also understand how to educate students. During your online, live classes, feel free to ask your teacher questions in real time. Your teacher can respond to your questions in a timely manner that is relevant and beneficial to the learning process. Not only can you benefit from this, but so can your peers. Students can interact with one another during their sessions to experience communicative and collaborative learning. If you're the type of student who benefits from working in a classroom setting, a USMLE class is for you.

A Cincinnati USMLE prep course is an excellent option for those who are too busy for alternative USMLE studying options. Instead of commuting to an in-person lesson, simply log on to your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet and connect to the internet. With internet access, you can participate in a USMLE course with ease. No more wasting time commuting when you have access to the online, live learning platform.

How do I enroll in a Cincinnati USMLE course?

Signing up for a USMLE course means you're signing up for flexible courses available on your schedule. Courses meet at several different times, so you can pick a schedule that is most in-sync with your lifestyle. Pick from morning, afternoon, evening, or weekend classes to get the most out of your study sessions. A Cincinnati USMLE course is designed to provide you with a focused learning experience that can offer you increased confidence and understanding related to your USMLE test materials. If you want to enroll in a Cincinnati USMLE course, contact Varsity Tutors right away!

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