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Receive personally tailored Executive Functioning lessons from exceptional tutors in a one-on-one setting. We help you connect with in-home and online tutoring that offers flexible scheduling and your choice of locations.

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Session Summaries by Executive Functioning Tutors

"Did an overview of all the student's projects for the semester and made a rough timeline. I gave him a few assignments for the next time we meet - some research and some questions to ask his professor."

"* completed student produced response math section on website  * reviewed the preparation guide The student and I went through the student produced response math practice questions on the website. After completion, I showed her the "Getting Ready" booklet, specifically pointing out the math subject breakdown and the essay review, which shows example essays and explains what each writer did or didn't do to earn their particular score."

"Topics: Algebra word problems overview, algebra word problems practice, geometry practice    Progress: The word problem review that I prepared is pretty basic, but I think that the student was able to perform pretty well on the algebra practice section without much review beforehand. On the geometry practice, we also had only done a basic review of geometry concepts, and he had a good instinct for how to find the answers. We will not have another lesson very soon as he has a lot of classwork and class finals to prepare for, so I will try to have a lot of topics ready to go over by the next time we meet, which is in about a week. If he gets a chance to do a practice test, it will be very helpful for two main reasons: one, to see if we need to shift our attention to the verbal section, and two, to see where he currently stands in general before the test date gets too close."

"We continued reviewing for the student's organic chemistry final exam, which he will take this Monday. Since our previous session, he had done practice problems from his textbook to improve his understanding of alkene and alkyne reactions. He'd had some trouble, so we did some problems together, particularly schematic problems which required him to discern what reagents could be used to go from a reactant to a product. He seems to have more facility with the reactions now. Finally, we looked at his midterm exams and went over his areas of difficulty."

"The student and I finished his review worksheet for his test tomorrow. He is getting very good at being able to set up correct proportions in order to solve for variables in similar triangles. After the review worksheet, we revisited his notes and workbook exercises on that particular lesson. "

"The student and I had a late tutoring session to help prepare for her test retake. I wrote problems for her that became progressively more difficult. At the end of the night she was doing problems that were at least twice as difficult as her test, so I feel she is pretty well prepared for her retake. "

"Today we went over formulas for surface area and volume of 3-dimensional figures for her test on Tuesday. She was doing pretty well with it, and I explained a few concepts that she needs some extra help with and she understood it pretty quickly."

"The student worked on the first full draft and started to edit one section in the style that we would continue to work in for the majority of the rest of our time, focusing on succinct writing and logical progression of ideas. "

"The student and I worked on a writing assignment for school. We mapped out what she would write in her paragraph and she executed it. There were a couple of spelling errors, but she was able to fix them immediately after I pointed them out. Following that, we worked on some reading comprehension paragraphs. We read together and she answered the questions. She answered the ones she remembered right away and looked through the passages for the answers to the ones she didn't remember. Overall, she did a good job."

"The student and I worked through each problem that had given her difficulty when she tried to work it on her own. She kept my scratch paper so she had a model to follow future problems by, and after each problem we made a list of steps so she could follow along in my work with an explanation in case she forgot what we had done."

"The student and I focused on some of the math that she's practicing at school (spec. direct variation, work rate word problems, etc.). She did very well and was able to give me a mock lesson on direct variation. Well done!"

"Today we reviewed the linear combination method for solving a linear equation, then covered the special cases of infinite or no solutions. Then we went over a section on using the graphing features of the calculator to solve the same types of problems."

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