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If you believe that a CLEP Principles of Microeconomics course could help you work toward your academic potential, Varsity Tutors offers private CLEP Principles of Microeconomics classes that could help you increase your confidence heading into the exam. The CLEP program allows college students who previously learned the material covered in introductory-level college courses to demonstrate it on a high-stakes exam and earn college credit for their prior work. This credit could help you graduate more quickly with a smaller bill, so CLEP Principles of Microeconomics prep courses are certainly something to take seriously.

One of the first topics addressed in our CLEP Principles of Microeconomics courses is usually the types of material you should expect on exam day. The table below reveals some information about the structure of and content on the test:

Topics % of Test # Questions
Basic Economic Concepts 8-14% 80 90 Minutes
The Nature and Functions of Product Markets 55-70%
Factor Markets 8-14%
Market Failure and the Role of Government 10-16%

Students have 90 minutes to answer roughly 80 questions, meaning that you need to maintain your full concentration for the entire hour and a half if you hope to get to every question. Many students take practice exams during their CLEP Principles of Microeconomics course under realistic test-taking conditions to get a sense for what the time available to them feels like. Once you have an idea of how much time you have, you may find it easier to budget it effectively.

Taking practice exams may also help you identify your academic strengths and any areas that you might want to go over again in a private CLEP Principles of Microeconomics class. Concentrating on your unique areas of opportunity could help you improve your study efficiency. The following bulleted list details the types of questions you might see on each section of the exam:

Topics (Non-Comprehensive)

  • Scarcity, choice, and opportunity cost
  • Production possibilities curve
  • Comparative advantage, specialization, and trade
  • Economic systems
  • Property rights and the role of incentives
  • Marginal analysis
  • 15%-20% Supply and demand
  • 5%-10% Theory of consumer choice
  • 10%-15% Production and costs
  • 23%-33% Firm behavior and market structure
  • Derived factor demand
  • Marginal revenue product
  • Labor market and firms' hiring of labor
  • Market distribution of income
  • Externalities
  • Public Goods
  • Public policy to promote competition

A private CLEP Principles of Microeconomics class affords you one-on-one instruction with a knowledgeable teacher. There are no arbitrary time limits on your CLEP Principles of Microeconomics prep course, so you can focus as much as you need on every topic on the test. Your instructor is also able to cater your CLEP Principles of Microeconomics prep class to your unique needs. For example, graphs and charts may help a visual learner visualize some of the more abstract economic concepts. Likewise, an auditory learner might benefit more from a Q&A discussion format than a visual learning environment.

Varsity Tutors also tries to refer every client to an instructor whose availability is a good match for the student in question. If you have specific availability due to school, work, and extracurricular activities, we can work to find you an instructor who is also available in that time frame to minimize the risk of a scheduling conflict. We also offer an exclusive Live Learning Platform that facilitates digital study sessions, giving you all of the advantages of meeting in person without the logistical headaches face-to-face sessions may cause.

If you would like to find out more about the CLEP Principles of Microeconomics prep classes Varsity Tutors offers, please reach out to an Educational Consultant today for more information. Let's work together to improve your study skills!

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