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If you are looking at becoming an actuary and have already passed the SRM (Statistics for Risk Modeling) Exam, then you may want to sign up for Actuarial Exam PA prep classes through Varsity Tutors. We can help you as you prepare for this next step towards becoming a certified actuary. An Actuarial Exam PA class can give you the one-on-one attention and tutoring help to provide you with higher self-confidence heading into the exam. PA stands for 'Predictive Analytics' and this exam will focus specifically on the analytical techniques necessary to solve business problems as well as effectively communicate the solution found.

Taking an Actuarial Exam prep course can prepare you for the exam in a multitude of ways. The course can connect you with a tutor that can provide you with private attention to help your time management strategies, test-taking skills, and understanding of the topics possibly covered by the exam. Having the ability to combine and expand upon topics from the 3 previous exams you passed on your actuarial path so far (topics such as probability, mathematical statistics, and selected analytical techniques) can be valuable on the final. Actuarial Exam PA courses are set up to build off of the knowledge you've obtained so far and hopefully compound that into understanding the material covered by this course.

An exam course will go over the nine different topics that you may see on the final. Below, there is a table covering those nine topics as well as a description of each one and the info Actuarial Exam PA classes can cover:

Topic Description
1. Predictive Analytics Problems and Tools Articulate the types of problems that can be addressed by predictive
modeling and be able to work with RStudio to implement basic R packages and commands.
2. Topic: Problem Definition Business problem identification, relating available date to possible analyses, and using data for proposing models.
3. Topic: Data Visualization Graph creation using RStudio
4. Topic: Data Types and Exploration Understanding principles of data design and constructing various visualizations for exploring the different data types.
5. Topic: Data Issues and Resolutions Evaluating data quality, resolving data issues, and identifying regulatory/ethical issues.
6. Topic: Generalized Linear Models Solving regression or classification problems by selecting proper Generalized Linear Models.
7. Topic: Decision Trees Decision Trees for regression and classification.
8. Topic: Cluster and Principal Component Analyses Enhancing supervised learning by means of cluster and principal components analysis.
9. Topic: Communication Solving business problems using predictive analytics

If there is a topic that you'd like to spend more time on and would like to take a more in-depth look at, Actuarial Exam PA prep courses will allow you to spend as much time as needed until you feel confident enough with it. The one-on-one environment provided by a course provides you with a tutor that can adapt to your way of learning and use that to help you learn and study in the best way possible. The final exam will have a time limit of 5 hours. This information can help you study and prepare within the confines of the exam and create strategies to best utilize your time. The intent of an Actuarial Exam PA course is to help prepare you for the final by customizing the information and topics that may be found on the exam to your own successful way of learning.

Here's some of the skills the Actuarial Exam PA assesses:

Expected Existing Knowledge (Non-Comprehensive)

  • Understand the different types of predictive modeling problems
  • Understand the key principles of constructing graphs
  • Identify structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data
  • Evaluate the quality of appropriate data sources for a problem
  • Understand the basic motivation behind decision trees
  • Understand and apply K-means clustering
  • Develop and justify a recommended analytics solution

There are other exam classes out there, but an Actuarial Exam PA prep class doesn't put a time limit on you, allowing you the freedom to learn when you can. Being able to understand and expand on the principles of data design along with solving business problems using predictive analytics may sound daunting, but because you have time and flexibility, learning can take on a newer, simpler feeling.

Signing up for an Actuarial Exam PA course can be quick and simple. Educational Directors are standing by online and by phone to provide you with any further answers or assistance you may be desiring. They can help expound upon the services offered and help you feel more confident about going forward. Prepare yourself in the best way by signing up for an Actuarial Exam PA class through Varsity Tutors today.

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