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CLEP Humanities prep from Varsity Tutors gives you an opportunity to improve your preparation for this exam. Your CLEP Humanities test prep takes place in a one-on-one environment that is focused on your particular needs.

Because the CLEP Humanities exam covers a wide variety of topics, it is important that your preparation is suited to your needs. CLEP Humanities tutoring can help you prepare for all the main areas of the exam which are:

Knowledge and Skills Required:

  • Knowledge of factual information (authors, works, etc.) (50% of the exam)
  • Recognition of techniques such as rhyme scheme, medium, and matters of style, and the ability to identify them as characteristics of certain writers, artists, schools, or periods (30% of the exam)
  • Understanding and interpretation of literary passages and art reproductions that are likely to be unfamiliar to most test takers (20% of the exam)

CLEP Humanities preparation takes your needs, learning style, and goals seriously. You and your tutor can work together to create a comprehensive study plan based on the demands of the test and your own needs. You can work through practice questions, study areas of the humanities that you are not well-versed in, and explore concepts that are important for the exam. You receive immediate feedback from the tutor that can help you build good habits and confidence. By taking your learning style into account, your instructor can give you feedback and instruction that sticks in your mind. Here are some examples of questions you might work through during your CLEP Humanities test preparation:

Practice Questions:

  • During the Hellenic Period the great center of Greek culture was located at
    • Pergamon
    • Rome
    • Athens
    • Rhodes
    • Antioch
  • The Romantic Period of literature gave birth to a special kind of horror story, the
    • Gothic Novel
    • Epic
    • Pastoral Romance
    • Dramatic Monologues
    • Vignette

CLEP Humanities classes are also a great venue for you to improve your test-taking strategies. You and CLEP Humanities tutors can discuss using context clues, managing your time on the exam, and prioritizing which questions to answer as a way to help you display your abilities as well as possible on the exam. In addition to maximizing your effectiveness on the exam, these strategies can help you feel more confident and ready to take the test.

In addition to test-taking strategies, CLEP Humanities prep provides an opportunity for you to develop your study skills. Having an environment specifically devoted to your CLEP Humanities test prep can make a significant difference for your comfort and preparedness during the exam. Additionally, the study skills that you learn during your CLEP Humanities prep can apply to many other aspects of your academic career. The time you spend on your CLEP Humanities test prep is an investment not only for this particular exam but for the rest of your academic career.

Because CLEP Humanities prep takes place online, you are able to meet with your tutor from anywhere with an internet connection. This is not only more convenient, but it allows you to attend your CLEP Humanities course in a location that is comfortable for you. Meeting over our Live Learning Platform is convenient and easy. We want to make CLEP Humanities test Prep convenient and suitable for your needs.

Preparing for the CLEP Humanities exam can seem daunting, but with rigorous and personalized CLEP Humanities courses from Varsity Tutors, you can access tools and instruction to make the most of your time preparing for this exam. You will experience skilled tutoring, the convenience of online meeting, and the opportunity to develop your knowledge, study skills, and test-taking strategies. If you would like to sign up for a CLEP Humanities test class, Educational Directors are available online or over the phone to help you get started.

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