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If you've been looking into CLEP Principles of Microeconomics prep, Varsity Tutors offers private CLEP Principles of Microeconomics classes that could help enhance your study skills. The CLEP program allows college students who have studied introductory college material in another setting (advanced high school courses, independent study, work experience, etc.) to demonstrate what they have learned on a standardized test and earn college credit. If you're ready to take your CLEP Principles of Microeconomics test prep to the next level, contact us today for more information on private CLEP Principles of Microeconomics courses!

One of the most important components of CLEP Principles of Microeconomics test prep is understanding exactly what the exam expects of you. If you aren't confident in any of the skills listed below, you might want to consider focusing on it during your CLEP Principles of Microeconomics prep:

Knowledge and Skills Required:

  • Understanding of important economic terms and concepts
  • Interpretation and manipulation of economic graphs
  • Interpretation and evaluation of economic data
  • Application of simple economic models

A private CLEP Principles of Microeconomics class provides the ideal environment to work on all of the skills above. If you have a hard time remembering the names of economic concepts, CLEP Principles of Microeconomics tutors may make you flashcards to make them easier to study. Alternatively, you might review how to interpret economic data using real-world examples during your CLEP Principles of Microeconomics course to illustrate a potentially abstract concept.

Many students also take practice exams as part of their CLEP Principles of Microeconomics test preparation to develop a familiarity with the topics on the assessment. If you're interested in a little jump start, here are a couple of practice questions:

Practice Questions:

  • A bicycle shop is planning on increasing the price of one of the bicycles it sells. The bicycle shop would hope that
    • the price of substitute goods would decrease
    • the price of complement goods would increase
    • the good is an inferior good
    • the price of complement goods would decrease
    • the demand for the good is elastic
  • In a perfectly competitive market in the short run, if the price of a firm's product is less than the minimum average variable cost, the firm will
    • increase its output
    • raise its price
    • decrease its output
    • continue to operate at a profit
    • cut its losses and shutdown

The answers in bold are the correct responses, so you should review these topics during your CLEP Principles of Microeconomics preparation if you selected a different choice. Some questions may be worded misleadingly, so be sure to understand exactly what a question is asking before choosing a response.

Taking practice tests may also help you identify any areas of opportunity you might want to dedicate more CLEP Principles of Microeconomics prep time to. Private CLEP Principles of Microeconomics tutoring allows you to spend as much time as you need to on any particular topic. Likewise, your instructor may be able to tailor your CLEP Principles of Microeconomics test prep to your unique needs. For example, if you have a strong academic knowledge of microeconomics but have a harder time applying them within a real-world setting, sessions may emphasize the pragmatic side of the equation. Alternatively, a student with a strong understanding of personal finance might spend more time reviewing how the principles of microeconomics impact businesses.

We also try to make CLEP Principles of Microeconomics test prep more convenient. We try to refer every student to an instructor who meets their scheduling needs, making it easier to fit test prep into your busy life. All instruction also takes place on our proprietary Live Learning Platform, allowing students to attend virtual study sessions that are just as effective as face-to-face studying would be.

If you are ready to learn more about the benefits of Varsity Tutors CLEP Principles of Microeconomics prep, reach out to an Educational Consultant today to discuss how we may be able to help you. We look forward to helping you pursue your academic goals!

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