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Let Varsity Tutors help find you Pennsylvania bar exam tutoring so you can work with a skilled professional who can help you prepare for your upcoming exam. If you're getting ready to graduate law school and you're interested in practicing in Pennsylvania, we can find you a Pennsylvania bar exam coach who can help you reach for your goals. Working privately with a skilled professional gives you the chance to study for the bar through engaging lessons that can be designed specifically for you, taking your goals and learning preferences into account. Read on to learn about some of the benefits that come from working privately with skilled Pennsylvania bar exam tutors.

What is on the Pennsylvania bar exam?

The Pennsylvania bar exam is a comprehensive assessment that most aspiring lawyers will need to take before being permitted to practice law in the state. While the test is not Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) adopted, it does include one UBE element: the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE). The exam also has a jurisdiction-drafted exam portion known as the Pennsylvania Essay Exam, which two essay questions related to state law. There's also Performance Test, which consists of one question that's designed to assess the test taker's general understanding of legal principles and procedures. You'll also need to take the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE), which assesses your understanding of ethics and professional conduct.

In total, the Pennsylvania bar exam takes two days to complete. The first day consists of two Pennsylvania Essay Exam questions, which you have 45 minutes to complete each question, and the 90-minute Performance Test. You'll take the MBE on the second day, which is made of up 200 multiple-choice questions that cover a number of different areas in law, including contract law, criminal law, and torts. It costs $650 to take the test, and you'll need to earn a score of 272 or higher in order to pass the Pennsylvania bar exam.

How can Pennsylvania bar exam tutors help me study for my test?

There are several advantages that come from letting us find top-notch Pennsylvania bar exam training for you. We can set you up with online or in-person Pennsylvania bar exam tutors who're able to create a study program specifically for you. This means that you can prepare for the bar exam in a way that complements your preferred learning style. If you're an aural learner, your mentor can incorporate more activities into the lesson that use listening and speaking.

If you're studying for the MPRE, they can set aside more time for debates and discussions. You can talk about the different roles of the lawyer with your mentor, or you can listen to real-life scenarios where attorneys had conflicts of interest. Your instructor can also incorporate more audio and video clips into your study sessions, which can help you stay more engaged as you memorize important information.

We can find Pennsylvania bar exam training for you that helps you reach for specific goals. If you're tired of reviewing general study programs found in textbooks and study packets, try working with a private instructor who can create custom-tailored lessons with your needs in mind. If you're having a difficult time with writing essays, your mentor can devote extra time to helping you improve this skill. They can walk you through the process of answering questions like the ones found on your Pennsylvania Essay Exam, teaching you how to organize your thoughts by taking quick notes and how to create structured responses.

If you have a good understanding of interpreting and applying the law, but you struggle with answering complex scenarios related to ethics, like the questions you may encounter on the MPRE, your personal tutor can create interactive lessons that explore concepts like client confidentiality, client-lawyer relationships, and the regulation of the legal profession. You can look at a mixture of black-and-white and nuanced scenarios that cover the professional code of conduct, as well as look at ways you can avoid making unethical decisions. Not only can this help you prepare for the bar exam, but it can also help you learn how to become a better attorney when you start practicing law.

If you choose to study online, you'll interact with Pennsylvania bar exam tutors via our Live Learning Platform. This gives you the opportunity to participate in interactive lessons using collaborative tools like video chat, a shared document editor, and a virtual whiteboard. Your mentor can communicate with you in real-time, holding discussions on criminal procedure, jurisprudence, and how to correctly handle evidence.

They can share pictures, infographics, and important notes over the virtual whiteboard, and use the document editor to collaborate with you as you work on writing assignments. This means you can receive hands-on assistance as you practice answering essay questions over the internet. Best of all, every online study session between you and your mentor is automatically recorded and saved on our platform, where they're added to a growing library of resources you can access whenever you want.

Another great feature that comes with us finding Pennsylvania bar exam tutoring for you is having the chance to learn through adaptable lessons. Since you're not confined to a rigid learning program, your mentor can modify your study regimen over time to best suit your needs. If you start to improve in areas that used to be weaknesses of yours, a private instructor can shift the focus to other areas you need to work on.

What's more, you can even have your mentor create study sessions that focus primarily on the concepts you struggle with the most. Perhaps you've already got a good understanding of criminal procedure, but you need to brush up on tax law. Your mentor can briefly touch on the topics you already know, then spend the bulk of your study session reviewing subjects you need the most help with.

How can I fit sessions with a Pennsylvania bar exam tutor into my busy schedule?

We aim to make Pennsylvania bar exam tutoring as convenient and accommodating as possible, which is why we're happy to set you up with a mentor who can work around your busy schedule. If you're only free for lessons at night or over the weekend, we can find you an instructor who can meet with you at an appropriate time.

Online lessons add an additional layer of convenience by giving you the chance to study with a personal instructor from anywhere with internet access. You can brush up on fundamental legal principles and topics like property, civil procedure, and constitutional law from the comfort of your home, a quiet location like the local library, or anywhere else you feel comfortable studying. This means you never have to rush across town to meet a private instructor in-person. Instead, you can bring the classroom with you everywhere you go.

How can I find a Pennsylvania bar exam coach today?

Are you ready to study for the Pennsylvania bar exam through interactive lessons that can be designed with your needs in mind? We can pair you with a skilled instructor who can create a study program that helps you build upon your strengths while addressing any challenges you have. If you're ready to get started, contact Varsity Tutors and speak with an educational consultant about Pennsylvania bar exam training. We can set you up with an available tutor who can meet with you as soon as possible to help you reach for your goals.

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