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If you're working your way into a career in networking, you may want to have a discussion with the Educational Directors at Varsity Tutors about CCENT test prep. We can set you up with CCENT courses that center on your specific needs to give you an efficient prep experience. Reach out to Varsity Tutors today or keep on reading so we can tell you all about how CCENT classes could help you on test day.

When you sign up to work with CCENT tutors, you're getting undivided attention from an expert in networking and test prep to cover the things you need to better understand for the exam. Whether you need to learn how to identify bad ports on a switch, set up a subnet for a department, or implement an access control list, CCENT prep instructors can help you every step of the way. If you're not sure what you should focus on to feel better prepared for the exam, your CCENT course instructor can assess your capabilities and come up with a customized study plan that focuses on your best opportunities to perform at your full potential on test day.

When you study for your Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) designation, you'll have the opportunity to work through many course assignments. Your CCENT class instructor can work through these with you, giving you explanations and support while you learn to ensure you have a chance to grasp everything. Here are some of the discovery modules you could work on during CCENT test prep sessions:

Available Discovery Labs

  • Discovery 1: Get Started with Cisco CLI
  • Discovery 2: Perform Basic Switch Configuration
  • Discovery 3: Observe How a Switch Operates
  • Discovery 4: Troubleshoot Switch Media and Port Issues
  • Discovery 5: Inspect TCP/IP Applications
  • Discovery 6: Start with Cisco Router Configuration
  • Discovery 7: Configure CDP
  • Discovery 8: Configure Default Gateway
  • Discovery 9: Exploration of Packet Forwarding
  • Discovery 10: Configure and Verify Static Routes
  • Discovery 11: Configure and Verify ACLs
  • Discovery 12: Configure a Provider Assigned IP Address
  • Discovery 13: Configure Static NAT
  • Discovery 14: Configure Dynamic NAT and PAT
  • Discovery 15: Troubleshoot NAT
  • Discovery 16: Configure VLAN and Trunk
  • Discovery 17: Configure a Router on a Stick
  • Discovery 18: Configure a Cisco Router as a DHCP Server
  • Discovery 19: Troubleshoot DHCP Issues
  • Discovery 20: Configure and Verify RIPv2
  • Discovery 21: Troubleshoot RIPv2
  • Discovery 22: Enhance Security of Initial Configuration
  • Discovery 23: Limit Remote Access Connectivity
  • Discovery 24: Configure and Verify Port Security
  • Discovery 25: Configure and Verify NTP
  • Discovery 26: Configure Syslog
  • Discovery 27: Configure Basic IPv6 Connectivity
  • Discovery 28: Configure IPv6 Static Routes

While your CCENT class can go in-depth on the specifics of networking to help you understand concepts and build stronger networking skills, you also have the chance to improve at taking tests. Your CCENT prep instructor is motivated to see you do well on the exam, and building your test-taking skills can go a long way in helping you perform at an optimum level. From time management strategies to techniques to isolate the possible correct answers from a set of choices to ways you can center yourself and stay relaxed when the pressure is on, CCENT tutoring can provide you with tools to make the most of the exam.

Working through exercises during CCENT preparation is another way to hone your command of networking. Many students learn by doing, and working through these labs with your CCENT test prep instructor could prove beneficial:

Available Challenge Labs

  • Challenge 1: Implementing the Initial Switch Configuration
  • Challenge 2: Implementing the Initial Router Configuration
  • Challenge 3: Implementing Static Routing
  • Challenge 4: Implementing Basic Numbered and Named ACLs
  • Challenge 5: Implementing PAT
  • Challenge 6: Summary Challenge Lab : 1
  • Challenge 7: Summary Challenge Lab : 2
  • Challenge 8: Troubleshooting VLANs and Trunk
  • Challenge 9: Implement Multiple VLANs and Basic Routing Between the VLANs
  • Challenge 10: Implementing a DHCP Server on a Cisco IOS Device
  • Challenge 11: Implementing RIPv2
  • Challenge 12: Securing Device Administrative Access
  • Challenge 13: Implementing Device Hardening
  • Challenge 14: Configuring System Message Logging
  • Challenge 15: Summary Challenge Lab : 3
  • Challenge 16: Summary Challenge Lab : 4
  • Challenge 17: Implement IPv6 Static Routing

Another advantage of personalized CCENT test preparation is that Varsity Tutors works hard to make things as easy for you as possible. We'll find a tutor who has the proper skills for your needs and who can also meet your availability so that sessions can take place when you have the time. We also give you access to our Live Learning Platform, so you can attend your CCENT test prep sessions from anywhere while still meeting your tutor face to face through this advanced online portal complete with a virtual whiteboard.

If you're ready to get started with CCENT prep, reach out to Varsity Tutors today.

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