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If you are looking for CLEP College Composition preparation, Varsity Tutors can help. CLEP College Composition test prep is an excellent resource if you know you need to review some of the skills but don't want to have to take a full college class on the material. CLEP College Composition prep reviews much of the information taught during a typical first year college composition course in a fraction of the time. CLEP College Composition prep is a great resource for high school students who want to move through college more quickly by testing out of classes for which they are already adequately prepared.

If you have extensive work experience and want to test out of a first year writing class, CLEP College Composition test prep can help make sure you aren't missing any key skills first. While colleges don't offer direct credits for life experience, by using CLEP tests it is possible to put that life experience into effect. A CLEP College Composition class makes it possible to review quickly without enduring a full semester of an introductory writing class.

CLEP College Composition tutoring is ideal for learners of any age who know they need targeted assistance rather than a full college course in writing composition. Regardless of your situation, with the help of CLEP College Composition test preparation you can walk into your exam with confidence. If you're curious about exactly what the exam covers, consider the table below:

Knowledge and Skills Required:

  • The exam measures test takers' knowledge of the fundamental principles of rhetoric and composition and their ability to apply Standard Written English principles. In addition, the exam requires a familiarity with research and reference skills. In one of the essays, test takers must develop a position by building an argument in which they synthesize information from two provided sources, which they must cite. The requirement that test takers cite the sources they use reflects the recognition of source attribution as an essential skill in college writing courses.
  • The skills assessed in the College Composition exam follow. The numbers in parentheses indicate the approximate percentages of exam questions on those topics. The bulleted lists under each topic are meant to be representative rather than prescriptive.

A CLEP College Composition course can cover many different skills such as argumentation, analysis, research, and synthesis. The test itself does not cover some of the skills involved in a first-year composition class such as keeping a journal or peer-reviewed editing. However, the skills mastered by practicing these types of assignments are evaluated in the timed writing portions of the exam. CLEP College Composition prep can help you prepare for all relevant aspects of the exam.

CLEP College Composition classes feature a qualified instructor to work with you individually. This is a great way to get the precise information you need in preparation for the upcoming exam instead of spending hours each week reviewing material you already mastered in a traditional composition class.

CLEP College Composition test prep can help you prepare for questions such as those found below:

Practice Questions:

  • Find the error in the sentence: Even if the end result was inconclusive, the experiment itself would be worth
    doing to give students experience in quantitative analysis.
    • No Error
    • Even if
    • experiment itself
    • was inconclusive
    • experience in
  • Less and less people take the time these days to stop and reflect on the sacrifices
    made by previous generations.
    • previous
    • to stop
    • reflect on
    • Less and less
    • No error

In addition to helping you prepare for the academic portions of the exam, CLEP College Composition tutors can also help prepare you for taking the exam itself. This can be especially powerful for those students who have not had a lot of practice with standardized exams or for those who simply do not feel comfortable in testing environments. CLEP College Composition prep can give you the confidence you need to give the test your best.

CLEP College Composition courses are not a tedious review of material you already know. They are a way to target the information you specifically need so you can save valuable time and money in pursuit of your degree. Varsity Tutors can help you connect with the right CLEP College Composition test prep solution for your specific needs. To get started, contact Varsity Tutors today.

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