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If you're interested in professional ACT English test prep, Varsity Tutors can provide versatile ACT English courses to help you work toward academic success. If you've ever spent time online searching for "ACT English tutoring near me", then you probably already know how effective working with a tutor can be when preparing for an important exam. In addition to tutoring, you can also sign up for ACT English prep classes that take place in a small group environment. If you're ready to take your ACT English prep to a new level, reach out to us to learn more about all of the different ACT English classes we offer.

Why Take the ACT?

If you're a high school student who plans on attending college, then taking the ACT is a great way to get closer to that goal. That's why many students are deciding to take an ACT English course as they begin studying for their exam. The ACT was designed to assess how prepared students are to continue on with their studies at the collegiate level. Students who perform well on the ACT may have a better chance at getting accepted at the schools that they're most interested in attending. However, a strong score on this exam can be challenging. ACT English test prep from Varsity Tutors can help you get more out of your study sessions as you prepare to take this important test. Consider signing up for ACT English courses if you're interested in getting help with your preparation process.

Who Can Take the ACT?

There are very few requirements that must be satisfied in order to take the ACT. In fact, even though the exam is typically taken by high school students, you can still take the ACT if you've already graduated from high school but are still getting ready to apply to college. You should, however, check in with the schools you're applying to in order to make sure that they will still accept an ACT score that hasn't been earned in high school. It's relatively rare, but some schools will only accept an ACT score that was earned while pursuing a high school degree. You don't want to go through an intensive ACT English course and then find out that your score won't count at the school you want to attend. You can get ACT English prep help from Varsity Tutors no matter what your specific situation looks like.

You should also set a reminder to help yourself remember what you need to bring with you on the day of your exam. You'll need a valid photo identification in order to be allowed to take the ACT. To satisfy this requirement, you can bring your school ID or a government-issued ID like a driver's license if you have one. Make sure you bring this, as it would be terrible to go through numerous ACT English courses and then find out that you can't take your exam. You'll also need to bring your ticket with you to your testing center. You may still be allowed to take the ACT without your ticket, but the release of your score will likely be delayed. Finally, you should also bring things like a number 2 pencil, a snack for the test's break, and a watch to keep track of time. Having all of these things with you will make you feel more comfortable on the day of your exam and will let you focus on the test itself rather than worrying about other things while taking it.

What's On the ACT?

The ACT is a comprehensive exam that covers many of the most important subjects you studied while in high school. The test has sections on English, Math, Reading, and Science, as well as an optional Writing response. Within each of these test sections, you'll find questions that assess how well you understand a variety of important topics within the scope of these subjects. The ACT English section is typically the first section students take on the day of their exam.

There are a total of 75 questions that you'll need to answer on this section of your exam. You'll only have 45 minutes to answer these questions so it's important to move quickly. There are two primary question categories within this section of the ACT. The first category focuses on usage and mechanics as they relate to the English language. This part of the test will focus on things like punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure. Some of the topics you'll need to understand are things like subject-verb agreement, subordinate or dependent clauses, shifts in verb tense or voice, colons, commas, and more. ACT English prep from Varsity Tutors can help you develop a better understanding of all of these topics.

The next part of the ACT English section focuses on rhetorical skills and the English language. For example, you'll need to show that you can add, revise, and delete sentences to enhance the quality of a piece of writing. You should also be prepared to show your ability to effectively organize a piece of writing. Finally, the last part of this category of questions focuses on writing style. Here, you'll need to demonstrate an ability to eliminate ambiguity, clarify awkward material, and understand writing tone and effectiveness. Again, if you'd like more help with this part of the test, then ACT English prep from Varsity Tutors may be a good fit for you.

You might also want to review the structure and content of the exam during an ACT English course. The exam utilizes a multiple-choice format, so understanding exactly what a question is asking you to do is just as important as the underlying academic skills. It's also timed, so your ACT English prep should include time management strategies to help ensure that you have a chance to answer every question. Signing up for ACT English test prep assistance with Varsity Tutors can help you with this.

If you get nervous before taking a high-stakes exam, your ACT English prep instructor can also show you techniques you can utilize to reduce your test anxiety. You can utilize these relaxation exercises while taking the ACT as well as on any future exams you take. Thus, you can get help developing your general test-taking skills when you sign up for ACT English test prep with Varsity Tutors. Taking practice assessments during your ACT English test prep may also help you calm your nerves. You can start this ACT English prep strategy with the practice question provided below:

ACT English Sample Question

  • The following statement is part of a full passage that is provided to the student:

    • To me, it was much more fun to reap than sowing.

      • Choose the best answer.

        • NO CHANGE
        • the most fun to reap than to sow.
        • much more fun to reap than to sow.
        • the most fun reaping than if I'd had to sow.

The answer in bold is the only one that is grammatically correct. If you're not sure why that's the case, then ACT English test prep can help you develop a better understanding of the relevant topics. Here is another one for you to try your hand at:

ACT English Sample Question

  • The following statement is part of a full passage that is provided to the student:

    • Built upon second-century foundations. St. Peter's features a dome designed by the artist and architect Michelangelo.

      • Choose the best answer.

        • NO CHANGE
        • foundations,
        • foundations:
        • foundations;

In this case, a comma is the needed punctuation to link two sentence fragments into a complete sentence. If you missed either of these questions, we offer multiple ACT English test prep solutions to help you address your areas of opportunity.

We Can Help

One option you may want to consider signing up for is private ACT English tutoring. You may have already looked up "ACT English tutors near me" in the past. However, a simple search for "ACT English tutoring" doesn't always provide the full details of what you'll get through this test preparation resource. This style of ACT English test prep allows students to receive an instructor's undivided attention. That's possible because ACT English tutoring takes place in a one-on-one learning environment. In the intimate setting that ACT English tutoring occurs in, ACT English tutors are able to provide customized lesson plans for each of their students. This gives you an ACT English prep option that allows you to work at your own pace and focus on the topics that you need the most help with. ACT English tutors can also save you the hassle of having to go back over material that you already understand. Any questions you have can be addressed in a timely manner, and there are no time constraints to interfere with the studying process. In this way, ACT English test prep with private tutors could make your overall test preparation process more efficient.

Alternatively, you might want to share your ACT English test preparation journey with a few other students. Multiple students in one ACT English class fosters a collaborative learning environment where you can help each other pursue your educational goals. You get incredible value for your money, and you keep the option to set aside private study time for anything that isn't clicking for you. This style of ACT English test prep may be a good fit for you if you've previously enjoyed learning in the traditional classroom setting. Taking ACT English courses gives you the chance to get all of the benefits of classroom learning in a convenient online setting.

If both options sound great, know that many students opt to combine ACT English preparation with a private tutor and an ACT English prep course to boost their self-confidence on exam day.

We also try to make ACT English test prep as convenient as we possibly can. If you opt for private tutoring, we try to match you with ACT English tutors who can accommodate your schedule so you don't need to rearrange your entire life just to study for a test. Alternatively, you may choose small group ACT English courses lasting for either 2 or 4 weeks that best fits into your schedule. Either way, you can study on our Live Learning Platform. Our Live Learning Platform is an online classroom that makes you feel as though you are in the same room as your ACT English test prep instructor, without the hassle of actually arranging a physical meeting.

Test-Takers Facts

Each year, over 1.6 million students take the ACT. Many use ACT English classes to prepare for their exam. The ACT has ascended in recent years to reach a similar number of test-takers as the SAT. That makes the ACT one of the most commonly taken standardized tests in the entire country. The ACT is a competitive exam given its importance in the college admissions process. That's why ACT English classes have also grown in popularity in recent years. Many students decide to sign up for ACT English classes to get more out of their ACT English test preparation process. Given all of the individuals who take the exam, it's vital that you have a strong ACT English test preparation process. ACT English preparation is one of the best things you can do to feel more confident when taking the ACT.

The score you need to earn on the ACT is dependent on several different factors, including which schools you're interested in attending. If you want to attend a top tier institution, then you may need to earn a score that's higher than the national average score of around 20.8. This often requires an ACT English preparation process that goes beyond what other test-takers are doing. ACT English classes are a solid way to get more out of your study sessions. Taking an ACT English class may give you the guidance you need to reach for your test goals with confidence.

Do you think you would benefit from taking an ACT English prep class? Or, perhaps you're more interested in private ACT English prep sessions with expert tutors. You can easily sign up for the option of your choice when you get in touch with Varsity Tutors. If you would like to talk over all of the ACT English prep options available to you with a knowledgeable expert, Educational Directors are standing by to help you any way they can. You don't have to spend any additional time searching online for "ACT English tutors near me". Instead, simply contact us today if you're ready to get your very own ACT English prep process started!

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