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Whether you are a student at Ardrey Kell High School struggling with a difficult concept, an undergraduate at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte minoring in Chinese, or a business professional brushing up on your language skills, Varsity Tutors can find Charlotte Chinese lessons to help you. Chinese is a good language to choose to learn because of its popularity in the world. It's also a good choice for students who need a foreign language to fulfill diploma requirements. However, learning a new language does have its challenges that a regular classroom might not address. Looking for resources outside of the classroom can help you improve your Chinese language skills.

Spoken by over one billion native speakers, Chinese is considered one of the hardest languages to learn. Chinese has over 50,000 characters, each of which represents one syllable. However, only 20,000 of these characters are used on a regular basis. Chinese is the only modern pictographic language. The Chinese language has a few dialects, which include Mandarin. Mandarin is the official language of both the People's Republic of China and Taiwan. In the United States, most Chinese speakers use Cantonese.

Varsity Tutors can give you options for Chinese lessons that can help you whether you're having trouble pronouncing specific Chinese words or you're beginning to learn the language entirely anew. We can tell you about group classes and private instruction so you can figure out what works best for your busy schedule. We can help you connect with a Charlotte Chinese tutor to begin meeting with in as little as 24 hours or enroll you in group classes that begin monthly. You may also choose to do both options at the same time. You'll have patient and knowledgeable instructors waiting for you no matter which option you choose.

What language skills will Charlotte Chinese lessons cover?

Chinese is one of the hardest languages to learn because it has so little in common with English. It's also a tonal language. However, you shouldn't let either of these challenges keep you from learning Chinese. Native English speakers can tell when a word is plural because of the "s" on the end of most words, but Chinese has no plurals. Their words stay in the same form no matter whether they are singular or plural. Chinese also doesn't have articles or verb inflections. Being a tonal language, words change their meaning based on its tone. Some dialects have a different number of tones. For instance, Mandarin, one of the most popular Chinese dialects, has four tones. Other dialects may have as many as nine tones.

A lack of practice can be one of the biggest challenges you'll face when learning a new language. During Charlotte Chinese lessons, you'll have plenty of time to practice in a group setting with your instructor and other students. Group classes will give you an opportunity to practice your Chinese reading, writing, and speaking skills. Retaining your knowledge of a language happens when you're exposed to it on a regular basis. That's why it's so important you find ways to consistently use your language skills. Whether you've spoken Chinese for a little while or you're just getting started, consistency is a key factor in improving your Chinese language skills.

Seeking one-on-one instruction is another way you can improve your Chinese skills. Your private Chinese instructor can get to know you and your learning style and make a plan for your lessons based on whether you're an audio, visual, or kinesthetic learner. When you're struggling with difficult concepts, your private instructor can spend as much time as you want on the things you want to focus on while spending less time on the things you do know well. They can give you extra help because their focus will be on you and not on other students. For instance, you can focus on pronunciation of certain words or work on writing Chinese characters.

How do the two types of Cincinnati Chinese lessons work?

Charlotte Chinese lessons can make learning Chinese easier than you will learning the language on your own. No matter how busy you are whether you have school, family activities, or other obligations, these lessons fit into your busy schedule. You have two options for Chinese lessons. If you choose to take an online class, you'll meet other students and your instructor in a virtual, secure classroom. Not only will you be able to practice speaking Chinese with other students, but your instructor will be able to give you feedback instantly. New sections of classes begin on a rolling monthly basis, so we can get you started quickly. We offer classes at various times of the day, and you can also choose between a two-week session and a four-week session. You should have no problem finding a class that fits your busy schedule.

If you're interested in working with a Charlotte Chinese tutor, we can help you find an experienced instructor. You can get more personalized instruction when you work one-on-one with a private instructor. They can focus on the things you're struggling with the most and help you better understand the Chinese language. You have the option of choosing online or in person tutoring. When you chose online sessions, your sessions can be conducted from wherever you want. Your instructor can use our Live Learning Platform, which combines video chat and a virtual whiteboard. When you chose in-person tutoring, you can meet at a library or other public place. You can choose what works best for you.

How can I get started with Charlotte Chinese lessons?

Learning a new language can be hard, but with Varsity Tutors you can get the extra help you need with Charlotte Chinese lessons. Whether you are a student struggling with difficult concepts at Myers Park High School or someone wanting to learn Chinese culture and history, we can find you a Chinese class or a Charlotte Chinese tutor. Reach out to our educational consultants and let us help you achieve your goals today.

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