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If you're interested in receiving academic assistance for your upcoming USMLE, Varsity Tutors can connect you to a private Boulder USMLE tutor or enroll you in an online class that can help you prepare for this important exam. The USMLE is designed to assess your skills in the medical field, including much of what you have learned during your academic studies at nearby schools such as the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Reviewing the material covered during your medical program can be beneficial to your performance on the exam. It doesn't matter if you take a Boulder USMLE prep class or opt for private tutoring; taking advantage of the thorough review offered by both options can provide benefits that are difficult to obtain when studying by yourself.

What material will be covered during Boulder USMLE prep?

The United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) is administered in three steps, which are essentially three separate exams. For Step 1, you will have to demonstrate your knowledge of basic scientific concepts by answering 280 multiple choice questions. Step 2 will test your clinical knowledge and clinical skills. Your knowledge will be tested with 316 multiple choice questions, while your skills will be evaluated based on your ability to deal with 12 patient cases in which you will have to speak to patients and record notes. Step 3 consists of approximately 400 multiple choice questions and thirteen computer simulations in which you will be presented with various medical cases. Some of the topics you will encounter throughout all three steps include the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal system, and biostatistics. The concepts will vary depending on which exam you are taking. Step 1 is taken in one day, while Step 2 and 3 are taken over the course of two days.

Boulder USMLE prep can help you review the test material as well as the exam format. Your Boulder USMLE prep instructor can introduce you to certain strategies for answering multiple choice questions in the allotted time period. Your mentor can also work with you to improve the interpersonal skills necessary to be successful in the patient cases portion of Step 2. If you're preparing to take Step 3, your instructor can give you time to familiarize yourself with computer simulations.

What are the benefits of the two types of USMLE prep?

Varsity Tutors can enroll you in two types of prep: group courses that are conducted online or private tutoring. Each student has his or her own preferred mode of learning, and there are advantages to both options, but regardless of your choice, you will study with an instructor who has expertise in the USMLE. The following outlines the benefits of each form of Boulder USMLE prep.

Students who prefer a collaborative classroom environment should take a look at the online Boulder USMLE prep course. You'll attend each session by logging in to the Live Learning Platform, where you'll have the opportunity to engage in live video chat and use an online whiteboard. These features can make it feel as if you're in a real classroom, as you can speak to your instructor and fellow students in a face-to-face capacity. Interaction is an excellent way to reinforce some of the concepts you'll need to understand for your exam. If you find yourself struggling with a certain topic, you can request a one-on-one meeting with your instructor to address the issue.

Those who would rather have private lessons can sign up for help from a private Boulder USMLE tutor. Working one-on-one with a qualified instructor can help you to get the most out of your study time. Your USMLE instructor can design a lesson plan based on your individual strengths and weaknesses, making sure to spend more time on the topics that are giving you trouble. For example, if you're having difficulty understanding the endocrine system, your mentor can incorporate more time for that topic into the lesson plan. The instructor can also implement teaching strategies that align with your learning style.

How can I enroll in Boulder USMLE preparation?

Varsity Tutors understands the importance of achieving a high score on the USMLE. This is why we give you several options to increase your access to the learning that could make a difference on test day. For those with busy calendars, you should know that both online classes and private instruction come with flexible schedules. Contact us today for more information. We're happy to answer your questions and set you up with Boulder USMLE prep that's appropriate for your learning needs.

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