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If you're looking for Austin SAT prep to gain an academic edge, Varsity Tutors is the only company you need to know about. The SAT is a well-known college admission test that is accepted by nearly all colleges and universities with a standardized testing requirement. Students at local schools such as St. Andrew's Episcopal School and the Liberal Arts & Science Academy usually take it for the first time during their junior year. Each institution values your score differently, but this is one test where you definitely want to put your best foot forward.

We can help if your test prep could be going better. For example, we can find you an Austin SAT prep course if you want to study in a structured classroom environment. Alternatively, we can match you with a private Austin SAT tutor who allows you to learn at your own pace. Either way, you'll wonder how you ever studied for an exam without expert assistance!

What subjects can I review during Austin SAT preparation?

The SAT is a traditional paper-based examination with three mandatory sections: Writing/Language, Math, and Reading. Students receive a score from 200-800 on the Math section, while the Writing/Language and Reading sections are tallied into an "Evidence-Based Reading and Writing" score on the same scale. The sum of these two figures represents your composite score or your final grade on the SAT. These three sections take a total of three hours.

There's also an optional Essay on the SAT. If you choose to take it, your work will be scored on a scale from 6-24 and reported separately from the rest of the test. Certain schools require applicants to include an Essay score on their applications, so double-check to see if you need it!

Here is a closer look at what you can expect on each section of the exam:

1. Writing/Language

The Writing and Language section contains 44 multiple-choice questions over a testing session of 35 minutes. Your command of English language mechanics is the section's principal focus, leading to a lot of questions on topics such as sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. This section also evaluates your ability to use context clues to define unfamiliar phrases and determine how an author could make their writing more effective. Attention to detail is very important in this section, so make sure to read everything carefully.

2. Math

The Math section contains 58 multiple-choice items over 80 minutes, and it's subdivided into two sections. On the non-calculator subsection, you have 25 minutes to answer 20 questions. On the calculator subsection, you have 55 minutes to answer 38 questions. Note that you can only use approved calculators on the calculator subsection, which means you cannot use your cell phone. Both subsections evaluate your quantitative problem-solving skills, analytical thinking abilities, and understanding of algebraic expressions.

3. Reading

The Reading section consists of 52 multiple-choice items over 65 minutes. Each question is based on a reading passage to assess a student's reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. Every exam has one passage drawn from contemporary or classic literature, 1-2 passages sourced from the Founding of our country, one passage about a social science like economics or psychology, and 2-3 scientific passages about topics such as biology or physics. You may get a chart or graph on this section, but you won't need to do any math.

4. Essay

The SAT Essay prompt requires test-takers to perform a critical analysis of another author's argument, paying special attention to their use of reasoning, evidence, and stylistic choices. You're scored on a myriad of factors, including grammar, topical analysis, cohesion, and argumentation. You have 50 minutes to construct your response.

How do I determine which Austin SAT prep option is the best choice for me?

If you select an Austin SAT prep class, you'll attend weekly class meetings on a live virtual platform that will make you feel as though you are sharing a physical classroom with your instructor and other students. Every teacher we partner with is vetted, so you can trust that they both know their stuff and how to explain it to you. Each instructor is also available for private study sessions if you feel like you need extra help with a tricky concept.

While working with other students may feel counter-productive at first, many students end up finding it beneficial. You can share test-taking tips and even general information about the exam, such as what type of calculator you are allowed to bring for the Math section. Explaining something to somebody else can also reinforce your own understanding of a particular topic. Likewise, the fact that you can all pitch in on the bill makes expert test prep more affordable than it otherwise would be.

If you would rather study in a learning environment that revolves around your specific needs, a private instructor may be for you. A private educator can take the time to learn your specific goals and design sessions with them in mind, potentially improving your study efficiency. You are also free to proceed at your own pace, whether that means moving more quickly or more slowly than a traditional class.

Furthermore, private study sessions are the perfect place to take practice assessments to help you develop a solid understanding of what you can expect on test day. If you're still feeling a little nervous, your tutor can also show you meditation techniques to help ease any test anxiety you are experiencing.

Varsity Tutors also tries to make both options as convenient as possible. For example, we offer two and four-week courses to make it easier to find one that fits into your lifestyle. We also launch new courses every week, so it's never too late to get started! If you would prefer to work with a private instructor, our Live Learning Platform facilitates digital study sessions that are just as effective as meeting in person.

Can I enroll in Austin SAT prep today?

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