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Varsity Tutors can provide help for those students who are applying to colleges and need to take college admission exams with an Indianapolis SAT prep course. While college may be a couple of years away, many high school juniors are preparing for their futures and may not know how to approach the process. You will likely take one of the two widely accepted college admissions exams such as the SAT. The majority of students in Indianapolis, including those who attend Cathedral High School or North Central High School, will choose the SAT as their college admission exam.

The SAT is made up of four sections and is a comprehensive test. Whether you're in the middle of college preparation or are just getting started, you can reach out for extra help before the test day. Varsity Tutors can help you connect with an Indianapolis SAT tutor if you need extra individual help or you can choose to take an Indianapolis SAT prep class that will fit your busy schedule. No matter which option you choose, we can assist you toward the option that works best for you.

What will Indianapolis SAT prep help me review?

The SAT has up to four sections that include Writing and Language, Math, Reading, and the optional Essay. The test lasts around three hours with a couple of short breaks, but if you choose to do the Essay, another hour is added. While testing begins between 8:30 and 9 a.m., the doors close to students at 8 a.m. Let's take a closer look at the sections of the test so you can have an understanding of what it entails.

The Writing and Language section has 44 multiple-choice questions with 35 minutes to answer them. You will have passages to read, and some of the passages may have charts, tables, and graphs. Along with the Reading section, this part of the test will give you one-half of your SAT composite score. Some of the skills assessed include command of evidence, words in context, standard English language conventions, analysis in science and history/social studies, and expression of ideas. Your skills are measured by being able to use supporting evidence and improve not only word choice, but a passage's tone, style or syntax. Other ways of assessing your understanding in this area will include making structural changes to a passage, looking at a passage's organization and answering questions, and correcting punctuation.

The second section is Math, and it is 80 minutes long with 58 questions to answer. It is broken into two parts. You cannot use a calculator for one of them. You will have 5 grid-ins and 15 multiple-choice questions to do in 25 minutes. For the other part, you may use a calculator. You will have 8 grid-ins and 30 multiple-choice questions to do in 55 minutes. You will need to know how to solve linear equations, how to use math skills and look at data to solve problems, and how to understand the structure of expressions. The SAT measures your ability to solve problems quickly by reorganizing the information and finding shortcuts. The goal is for you to show your grasp of math operations and concepts and to analyze a real life problem by using steps to come up with a solution.

The Reading section is the third part of the exam and it is 52 multiple-choice questions in 65 minutes. As mentioned above, this section is combined with the Writing and Language section for a score. This part of the SAT has several passages you will need to read so you can answer the following questions. The reading can include two to three science passages about Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, or Biology, one passage from either U.S. or World Literature, one to two passages from important historical documents, and one Social Science selection from Psychology, Sociology, Economics, or other related areas. The questions will measure how you use context clues, how you draw conclusions and inferences, and how you find evidence from the passages to support your answers.

The Essay section is an optional part of the SAT. You will have one question to answer in 50 minutes. You will read a passage and assess the author's argument. You will then write an essay based on the evidence in the passage you read and cite examples and facts to support your thesis.

What are the benefits of Indianapolis SAT prep?

Varsity Tutors can assist you in connecting with two ways of getting SAT review: private tutoring and prep courses. Each has its own benefits, and students can choose whether they do one or both. Let's chat a bit about how Indianapolis SAT prep can help make your review more efficient.

SAT courses take place during a collaborative, interactive online platform. You can talk to other students and your private instructor as you figure out ways to improve your test-taking skills. There are new class sessions weekly, and you can choose between a two-week or a four-week session. An Indianapolis SAT prep course gives you the ability to discuss the concepts on the test and ask questions to benefit not only you, but the other students. If there is still a difficult concept you don't understand, you can meet with your instructor for a one-on-one session.

If you would prefer more personalized instruction, you can connect with a private tutor. When you work with an tutor, they can focus on your academic needs as well as your strengths and challenges. For instance, if you struggle with specific math concepts, your instructor can show you techniques that fit with your learning style to help you solve the problems.

How do I find Indianapolis SAT prep?

Varsity Tutors is ready to help you figure out which type of Indianapolis SAT prep will work for you and your schedule. Whether you want to take an online class or meet with an instructor in person, we are happy to work with you to find the right option. Reach out today and let us help you get started on your college journey.

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