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If you would like to add Spanish to your linguistic repertoire, Varsity Tutors can help you get set up with Virginia Beach Spanish lessons in as little as 24 hours. There are over 430 million native Spanish speakers in the world today, located in regions as diverse as Europe, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. There are also 45 million Spanish speakers in the United States, a number projected to increase over time. All told, only Mandarin Chinese is spoken by more people than Spanish.

Reasons to start studying Spanish are nearly as numerous as the number of Spanish speakers. Spanish is considered one of the easiest foreign languages for English-speakers to learn, making it a good choice for high school students attending local schools such as First Colonial High School or Ocean Lakes High School looking to earn their foreign language credits. It can be a good choice for undergraduates at both smaller colleges such as South University - Virginia Beach and larger institutions like the University of Virginia for the same reason. Spanish can also be used as a "gateway" to other Romance languages like Italian or French, making it a good start for individuals interested in traveling the world. Employers are also increasingly looking for bilingual employees, so learning a new language may improve your job prospects. Of course, there's nothing wrong with studying Spanish for its own sake either.

Learning a new language can be challenging, but it is possible with the right supports in place. Nearly 75 percent of all Spanish words have a Latin root. Latin is an underlying component of many English words as well, creating many cognates, or words that mean nearly the same thing in both languages. That said, Spanish has several key differences from English. Both grammar and sentence structure are a little more simplistic, and nouns have genders assigned based on whether they end in "o" or "a." Continue reading to learn more about how we can help you build your Spanish skills.

What skills can I practice during professional Virginia Beach Spanish lessons?

One of the hardest parts about learning a new language is often finding a suitable conversation partner. It's not hard to find fluent Spanish media to listen to, but you can't really talk back to it, nor can it provide feedback on details such as pronunciation. Working with a Virginia Beach Spanish tutor gives you a consistent practice partner, helping to ensure that your Spanish skills do not dull from lack of use. Your instructor can also create a learning environment where it's okay to make mistakes as long as you're trying your best, as the road to mastering a new language is rarely a smooth one. Should you have any questions, your Spanish teacher can also answer them in a timely manner.

Professional instruction can also help you work on your written Spanish. Many Spanish learners don't associate outlines with their foreign language instruction, but sketching your plan of attack out before you start writing in an effective strategy in any language. Your instructor can also provide feedback on your work, letting you know what you did well and any areas that could use improvement.

Working with a professional instructor can also help students understand the finer points of Spanish grammar. For example, Spanish verb conjugations are generally considered simpler than their English counterparts, though native English speakers are still likely to find them jarring. There are also several irregular verbs that don't follow the usual grammar rules, requiring some level of rote memorization as well.

If your Spanish instruction also entails Spanish culture or history, these subjects are best approached like a social studies class. Spain was a major force behind mercantilism and European affairs in the Age of Exploration, a historical factoid that is still responsible for the number of Spanish-speakers throughout the world. If you ever need to write an essay about why Spanish is such an important language, this could be a good place to start.

What types of Virginia Beach Spanish lessons can Varsity Tutors help me find?

We offer two core services. First, we provide comprehensive Spanish classes where students can regularly meet with a knowledgeable teacher and study Spanish. We vet every instructor thoroughly, so you can count on studying under the tutelage of a great instructor who really knows their Spanish. Every class teacher is also available for private study sessions outside of normal class times, allowing you to see extra help on an as-needed basis.

Studying with other students is also beneficial in more ways than one. Our live virtual platform makes it just as easy to hear your classmates as your instructor, giving you experience listening to a variety of accent and dialects. You can also try to help your peers out if they get stuck on something you understand, potentially reinforcing your own knowledge base in the process. Studying in a group also gives you more value for your money, as you can split the bill multiple ways.

If you would prefer to receive individualized attention, working with a private Virginia Beach Spanish tutor may be a better choice for you. A Virginia Beach tutor can take the tie to understand your unique goals and design study sessions accordingly. There are no set curricula with private instructors either, allowing you to work at whatever pace you feel more comfortable with.

We also try to make every service as convenient for our valued clients as possible. For instance, we offer two-week and four-week courses to help even the busiest learners find something that fits into their schedule. Similarly, students who opt for private instruction can study on our proprietary Live Learning Platform that brings the benefits of face-to-face instruction anywhere with a stable internet connection. If you would prefer a more old-fashioned tutoring experience, we can match you with somebody in the Virginia Beach area who can meet with you whenever and wherever you like.

Can I enroll in Virginia Beach Spanish lessons today?

Yes. Simply reach out to an expert Educational Consultant using the information provided on this page to learn more about how to sign up for Virginia Beach Spanish lessons. Varsity Tutors looks forward to helping you pursue linguistic success!

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