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Active learning should be a lifelong process. I have loved school, reading, research, writing, analysis -- everything about learning -- since I was very young. I have two post-secondary degrees and am likely to seek at least one more because the process of learning is so cool.

Active learning should also be individual because we are all the result of different families, communities, interests, and goals. I have "learned" something years after first attempting it because I was at a different point in my life or the material was presented differently when it clicked.

I want to help those who need assistance actively "learn," not memorize material. My enthusiasm, ferocious curiosity and readiness for a new challenge make me well-suited to do it.

Undergraduate Degree:

Michigan State University - Bachelors, International Relations

Graduate Degree:

University of Detroit Mercy - PHD, Law

Watching sports, reading, tennis, working out, spending time with friends in relaxed social settings, sleeping. Yes, sleeping; I'm spectacularly good at it.