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If your child is gearing up to take the SSAT, Varsity Tutors can help you get them enrolled in a Tulsa SSAT prep course. The SSAT is the exam that independent and private schools will use to judge how adept students are in the skills that are necessary for success at their institution. Since this exam could determine whether your child is admitted to a certain school, it's important that you give them the tools they need to prepare for the SSAT.

If your child is struggling with how to begin preparation for the SSAT, a Tulsa SSAT course may be an ideal option for you. These courses can help give your child an idea of how the test will be laid out and what they will need to study in order to prepare for it.

What does a Tulsa SSAT course cover?

Depending on the grade level of the student, they will take the Upper Level, Middle Level, or Elementary Level section. Students on every level will face a Writing Sample, a Reading Section, a Verbal Section, and a Quantitative Section. In addition, there will be an Experimental Section that is not scored. Let's have a quick look at each of these to get a better idea of what they will entail.

When the student completes the Writing Sample, they must submit a well-developed piece that showcases their ability to write in a coherent and organized fashion. Students at all levels must have a firm grasp of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Upper Level students must choose between a creative writing prompt and a traditional essay prompt. These students should know how to write persuasive material and back up their assertions with specific examples. Middle Level students will be allowed to choose between two creative writing prompts. Students at the Elementary Level will be given a photographic prompt and must produce a story that contains a beginning, middle, and end.

Once students are in the Reading Section of the test, they must read passages and critically analyze them. This section will test how well students can grasp the main point of a passage. Students in the Upper and Middle Levels should be able to evaluate the arguments that the author makes, draw reasonable inferences from the passages, and understand the author's overall purpose. Elementary Level students should be able to extract information from a passage, understand the primary message, and determine the meaning of words based on context.

In the Verbal Section of the test, students will be evaluated on their knowledge of the English language. Students at every level should have a grasp of synonyms and analogies. Upper Level students will want to have a solid grasp of suffixes and prefixes, particularly those in Latin, Anglo-Saxon, and Greek. Detailed knowledge of word roots is necessary here as well. Middle Level students must be able to comprehend how ideas relate to each other. Like the Upper Level students, they also need to know roots, suffixes, and prefixes. Elementary Level students must be able to use vocabulary that they've picked up in fields such as social studies, the sciences, and technology. They should also have a grasp of word nuances and how words relate to each other.

When the Quantitative Section begins, students must demonstrate their mathematical proficiency. Upper Level students should demonstrate advanced competency in areas such as algebra, probability, geometry, and arithmetic. Middle Level students must understand basic algebra and geometry. They should be able to analyze data, calculate the perimeter and area of shapes, and evaluate equations. Students at the Elementary Level should be able to work with all the basic operations, such as multiplication and division. They should also have a grasp of fractions, place value, geometry, and algebra. Bear in mind that students will not be allowed to use a calculator on this portion of the test.

How can a Tulsa SSAT course help?

When you enroll your child in this program, they will be able to collaborate with other students under the guidance of an expert instructor. Here your student will be able to ask questions and get study tips on the topics they're having a difficult time with. Perhaps they're having difficulty with a particular type of algebra problem or they want to get some extra help with their writing skills. These are topics that they can bring up to their instructor and discuss with the class. The instructor might walk them through the problems or show them examples. It has been shown that collaboration helps students deepen their understanding of the material. When your child collaborates with other classmates, they will all be able to exchange ideas on how to more effectively prepare for the SSAT. Don't forget that your child can also set up one-on-one time with the instructor if they want some individualized instruction.

We understand that you and your child are both likely to be busy, which is why we've set up the classes to be as convenient as possible. There are multiple class sections that start on a weekly basis. Additionally, you may choose between a two-week and a four-week class. This should enable you to fit the class into your schedule. However, the most convenient thing about a Tulsa SSAT class is that it is based online. This means that your student can interact with their instructor and classmates in the same way they could in a traditional classroom setting, but never even have to leave the house. All that is needed is a steady internet connection.

How can I get my student enrolled?

When you get your child involved in a Tulsa SSAT class, you will be helping them invest in their future by building foundational skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. You want them to have the best possible future, so give them the tools that they need to study more effectively and boost their confidence.

Please feel free to contact Varsity Tutors if you wish to enroll your student in a Tulsa SSAT class or if you have any questions at all about the classes. We are here to help!

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