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Help your student prepare for the SSAT by enrolling in an Albany SSAT course provided by Varsity Tutors. Designed to maximize engagement and collaboration, this course goes beyond the worksheets and textbooks that students study at home by offering an environment that encourages a full understanding of the coursework. As a result, many students who've prepared for the test in this type of learning environment have learned how to apply their knowledge outside of the classroom, making them better equipped to answer questions and solve problems presented on the test.

The SSAT is a standardized test administered to students between the 3rd and 11th grade. It's used by many private and independent schools to help with making admissions-based decisions. For this reason, it's important that your student is prepared for the test and able to score well on it, so they can increase their chances of getting into a first-choice school. Because this is the first standardized test that many pupils encounter, especially those in elementary school, preparing for the SSAT can be challenging. Students must study a number of different topics in math, English, writing, and reading, as well as sharpen their study habits and test-taking skills to improve their likelihood of success.

Varsity Tutors understands the pressure associated with preparing for the test, which is why we're offering a comprehensive Albany SSAT class that helps students prepare more efficiently. These classes, hosted completely online, give students the opportunity to interact with a professional instructor and share information, solve problems, and exchange tips with peers preparing for the same assessment.

What could an Albany SSAT course help my student review?

There are three versions of the SSAT: Elementary, Middle, and Upper Level test. The test your student takes depends on their current grade level. If they're in the 4th and 5th grade then they'll take the Elementary Level test; if they're between 5th and 7th grade, they take the Middle Level, and students between 8th and 11th grade are given the Upper Level version of the test. The Albany SSAT course helps students review all of the material on these tests by breaking down large and complex information into manageable chunks, helping most pupils study without feeling overwhelmed by the extensive material.

While each test level covers different topics, they all look at the same general subjects. These subjects are broken up into four sections of the test: Quantitative, Reading, Verbal, and Writing. There's also an Experimental portion at the end of the test, but that's ungraded and used by the test creators to help them when making new tests.

Let's look at the sections further, starting with the Quantitative portion. Here, students are evaluated on their math skills. For Elementary test takers, that means being able to answer questions based on simple arithmetic, as well as a few problems involving basic geographic and graphing. Things get more difficult for Middle Level students, who have to solve various problems covering algebra and geometry. Finally, there's the Upper Level test. Here, test takers are given a number of complex questions covering algebra, geometry, statistics, and graphing.

The next portion of the test is the Reading portion. Students here are evaluated on their ability to read and understand information, as well as identify important data in reading passages and use it to answer questions. All students will need to understand context and implied meaning when completing this section of the test, but Upper Level students will also need to evaluate the context and tone of sentences and use that to make inferences about the characters' and the authors' intentions.

The Verbal section looks at your student's English language proficiency. Elementary and Middle Level tests use various synonym and analogy-related questions to look at the test taker's understanding of words and their definitions, and whether the student knows the subtle nuances between synonyms. Things get a bit more complicated on the Upper Level version of the SSAT, which dives deeper into the etymology of words. Students taking the Upper Level test will need to have a strong understanding of root words, as they'll be required to look at Anglo-Saxon, Greek, and Latin prefixes and suffixes and use that information to define keywords.

Finally, there's the writing component. The test at most of the same skills, regardless of the SSAT level. To pass this part of the test, students need to demonstrate their command over written English, as well as their ability to spell words correctly, structure stories, and follow grammar rules. While the content assesses is generally the same, the structure of this assessment varies depending on the level. Elementary and Middle Level students choose between two creative writing prompts, both prompts requiring them to write a story following the instructions provided. Upper Level students, however, have the choice between writing a story or a traditional essay and are also evaluated on their persuasive writing techniques and their ability to support statements using examples.

How does an Albany SSAT class help my student prepare?

Our SSAT class offers a number of benefits. Students learn in an environment that covers the topics on the SSAT in depth. Along with reviewing important information from a professional instructor, they get to work alongside other pupils preparing for the same SSAT. As such, they're encouraged to work together to solve problems, share ideas, and explore different learning styles-all with the intention of performing well on the test.

What's more, our Albany SSAT class is designed to maximize convenience. Studying through virtual lessons means that your student doesn't have to worry about commuting across town or cramming study sessions into their busy schedules. They can participate in SSAT lessons at a time that works best for them, which means you and your student don't have to stress about scheduling conflicts.

How can I find an Albany SSAT prep course for my student?

Are you ready to give your student a comprehensive, interactive learning experience? Get started by contacting Varsity Tutors today and asking for more information about our Albany SSAT course. Our friendly consultants are happy to set your student up with a course that helps them prepare for this challenging exam.

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