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Study for the SIE with the guidance of expert instructors when you enroll in Varsity Tutors' Tampa SIE course. Students from The University of Tampa and the University of South Florida who are aspiring to work as professionals in the securities industry need to take the SIE as the first step towards their dream career. There is a great value to having experienced and knowledgeable SIE instructors who can not only help you become more familiar with the test content but also teach you some test-taking techniques to boost your performance on the test. If you want to experience quality review from expert academic mentors, the Tampa SIE prep course can be the solution to your test prep needs.

What are some of the topics a Tampa SIE class can cover?

The Securities Industry Essentials or SIE assesses a person's knowledge of fundamental concepts in the securities industry such as the structure of the securities industry markets, types of products and their risks, functions of regulatory industries, and prohibited practices.

There are 75 multiple-choice questions in the test distributed in four sections called "Functions." Function 1 is Knowledge of Capital Markets. This part has 12 questions on topics covering FINRA rules, regulatory entities, structure and participants, and offerings. Function 2 is called Understanding Products and Their Risks. This has 33 questions that cover categories like exchange-traded funds, MSRB rules, and real estate investment trusts (REITs). Function 3 is Understanding Trading, Customer Accounts, and Prohibited Activities and has 23 questions that test you on topics like anti-money laundering laws, NASD rules, compliance considerations, and market manipulation. Function 4 is called Overview of the Regulatory Framework. There are 7 questions in this part and they test you on your knowledge of SEC rules, employee conduct, and reportable events.

Each of the four sections of the SIE also has a particular weight on your test score: Function 1 is 16% of the exam, Function 2 is 44%, Function 3 is 31% of the exam, and Function 4 is 9 percent. The entire test lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes and 70% is the passing mark. Your Tampa SIE class instructor can help you become more familiar with each section of the test and can also give effective test-taking techniques that can help you answer with confidence during test day.

What are the advantages of enrolling in a Tampa SIE course?

The course is led by experienced SIE instructors who have several years of industry and SIE experience. You can be at ease knowing that you are learning from highly qualified teachers which may not be the case if you are doing your review on your own. It's easy to get confused and disorganized when studying for a standardized test like the SIE, so with the guidance of your instructor, you can also be confident that you are reviewing exam-relevant material.

Do you need help on topics like Definition and Identification of Risk Types? Are there concepts under Books and Records and Privacy Requirements that you are struggling with? If you feel you need extra help, you can ask to meet your instructor 1-on-1. This is another advantage that the Tampa SIE class offers that may not be readily available in traditional ways of reviewing for the SIE.

If you are concerned about the schedule of the course and if you can actually have the time to study, then you'll be relieved to know that you can complete your entire review online. No need to set aside extra hours for your preparation and commute. No need to worry about being late. As long as you have an internet connection, you can log into the virtual classroom and start learning in the comfort of your home. And because it's online, we can offer more course times for you to choose from. Study in the morning, in the evening, or anytime in between. There are also weekday and weekend classes, which are also perfect for working professionals.

Wondering how you can ask questions during the class? The online SIE class is live, so you can interact with your instructor and classmates as if you were in a physical classroom. You can get immediate answers to your questions and learn together with a group.

How can I enroll in a Tampa SIE course?

The SIE is a very important requirement and we know that many prospective candidates can easily get confused and overwhelmed once they start preparing for the test. Call Varsity Tutors now and sign up for our Tampa SIE course so you can receive structured, quality SIE review from expert SIE instructors.

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