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Varsity Tutors can set students of all skill levels up with St. Louis Chinese lessons that are led by a knowledgeable expert. Whether you're entering Chinese classes at Gateway High School, taking courses at Saint Louis University, a student at another local institution, or learning the language for any other reason, we provide options that can help you retain the language. You might be taking Chinese to fulfill a general education requirement or to expand your professional opportunities. Whatever prompted you to start learning Chinese, new languages bring a new set of challenges that your class at school may not be prepared to address. We can help you access additional resources that can provide effective Chinese practice.

Chinese is the most popular language in the world. There are multiple dialects, though Mandarin is the official language of the People's Republic of China. Historically, the majority of Chinese speakers in the United States speak Cantonese. In addition, there are the dialects of Xiang, Gan, Wu, and Hakka.

Chinese doesn't have an alphabet. Instead, thousands of characters are used to communicate in writing. Written Chinese can be found as far as back as the Shang Dynasty. The characters depict syllables, each of which must be learned individually. The Pinyin system is used to translate Chinese characters into the English alphabet.

Learning a new language can bring many unique challenges that you may not be prepared for. Whether you're having trouble keeping up with your peers in Chinese 1 or you want to work ahead of your syllabus, we can get you set up with two types of lessons: classes and private instruction. Within 24 hours, we can connect you with excellent St. Louis Chinese tutors who can help you learn the language. In addition, new class sections start every month. You can even choose to mix the two types of lessons. There is a range of unique benefits presented by each option. Either way, you can work with patient and experienced mentors who understand the challenges you face.

What kind of skills can an instructor focus on during St. Louis Chinese lessons?

Chinese is the only modern pictographic language, which presents unique challenges. From the outset, you are introduced to a wide range of new concepts. For instance, the Chinese language doesn't contain verb inflections, articles, or plurals. Instead, all words have one grammatical form. You will need to strengthen your control over your vocal cords due to the importance of tone. The meaning of a word is based on the tone of voice used to say it. If you are learning Mandarin Chinese, you will only need to master four tones. However, those taking Cantonese will have six. Still, others can have up to nine. Without consistent and ongoing exposure to the language, it can be challenging to develop the skills necessary to master Chinese.

From students who are just beginning to learn Chinese to those who want to maintain their language skills, Chinese lessons can serve as a valuable external resource that can provide consistent and effective practice. Since a lack of practice can restrict your ability to retain the concepts and skills you've gained, regular exposure is a good idea. By practicing your speaking, reading, and writing skills regularly, you can increase your retention of pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, and more. Depending on your skill level, your lessons could even be led entirely in Chinese. Language immersion is a common strategy that can help you become more confident and comfortable with speaking Chinese.

If you'd rather work in a more private setting, we can connect you with private mentors who can take a personalized approach to your Chinese lessons. Private tutoring can allow you to spend as much time on as you need on any issues you may have. Whether you want to learn how to use the Pinyin system to translate or you want to master your pronunciation of common phrases, a private mentor can patiently work with you while adjusting their teaching methods to better suit your needs. Your Chinese instructor can even tailor study sessions to appeal to your learning preferences. A hands-on learner, for example, may explore a supermarket with their mentor to build their market vocabulary.

How do the two types of St. Louis Chinese lessons work?

While it may be intimidating to study Chinese independently, there are resources available to you. We can set you up with Chinese lessons that can easily fit into your hectic schedule of school courses, extracurricular activities, and family commitments. Online Chinese classes are hosted through a virtual classroom that allows you to engage in sessions with your classmates and instructor. Sessions incorporate a mix of activities designed to encourage you and your peers as you build your skills. You can participate in conversational practice, receive feedback from your class instructor, and share ideas with your classmates. We can get you enrolled in Chinese classes soon.

Some students find that they learn best in a calm, private environment. We can connect you with a St. Louis Chinese tutor in as little as 24 hours. One-on-one learning allows your mentor to customize your study sessions. They can get to know your learning preferences while assessing your existing Chinese skills. Your mentor can focus your sessions on the areas of opportunity in which you have the most room for improvement. Private instruction can be held online or in person. Online tutoring can take place from wherever you prefer to work. Just join your mentor on our Live Learning Platform to video chat, work with a whiteboard, and otherwise engage with your instructor. In-person learning can be arranged at your home, school, or anywhere else that you'd prefer.

How can I get started with St. Louis Chinese lessons?

Varsity Tutors can get you set up with top-notch St. Louis Chinese lessons that are led by a knowledgeable and patient mentor. Whether you're getting your first introduction to the language at Riverview Gardens Senior High School or you're a professional seeking to expand your business opportunities, our educational consultants can help you get signed up for Chinese lessons that can appeal to your learning preferences. You don't have to build your proficiency in this language alone when there are convenient and reliable options that can support you. Contact our educational consultants to get set up with lessons or connect with a St. Louis Chinese tutor today!

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