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Whether you're a student at St. Louis University taking Chinese to meet scholastic requirements or even a business professional wanting to learn Chinese to benefit your business dealings, Varsity Tutors offers a St. Louis Chinese course to help you work towards your goals. Learning a foreign language can be difficult in the best of circumstances, and this is especially true of Chinese since it is based on completely different concepts from English. With this potential for increased difficulty, you might find yourself facing adversity picking up on the Chinese language. A St. Louis Chinese course might be what you need to understand the language and its specific quirks more effectively. If you're a student at a school such as Riverview Gardens Senior High School, taking a course can give you benefits beyond those found in a typical classroom setting.

Chinese dialects are the most oft-spoken languages in the world, with in excess of a billion people speaking them natively. China is also a major player in the business world, with a large percentage of goods being manufactured in China. Thanks to technology increasing the globalization of the world, if you plan to become or already are a business professional, chances are China will factor into your career in some capacity. Becoming fluent in Mandarin Chinese can give you a leg up on your competition in business dealings, and a St. Louis Chinese class can help you work towards that fluency.

Whether you're a business person looking to increase their skills to benefit your career, a college student looking to do well in a Chinese class to meet your language requirement, or even just want to learn a Chinese dialect because of personal interest, a St. Louis Chinese class can push you in the right direction. Varsity Tutors can enroll you in a class that will help you no matter your current skill level.

What material does a St. Louis Chinese course cover?

Each language has its own nuances and specific peculiarities that can make it difficult to learn. This is especially true of the Chinese language, which has very little in common with English and can be difficult for non-native Chinese speakers to pick up on the concepts. To begin with, there are several dialects of the Chinese language. There are generally considered to be seven main dialects of Chinese, with Mandarin and Cantonese being the most popular. In addition to different dialects, Chinese is a tonal language where the meaning of a word can differ based on the tone it is pronounced with. Mandarin Chinese has four tones: flat, rising, falling then rising, and falling. Other dialects can have up to nine different tones.

In addition to Chinese being spoken differently than English, the written language is completely different. Unlike with English, there is no Chinese alphabet. Instead of having individual letters that make up words, the Chinese language has over 50,000 characters, with each character being the equivalent to a syllable. There are 20,000 characters used regularly, with the bulk of written Chinese being expressed with 2,500 characters.

Chinese is considered by many to be the most difficult language to learn. Due to Chinese being completely different to English with different rules, both spoken and written, you might find yourself having difficulty picking up on the language. This is where a St. Louis Chinese class can come into play.

How can I benefit from a St. Louis Chinese course?

Varsity Tutors can enroll you in a St. Louis Chinese course that can help you work towards becoming proficient in this difficult language. Chinese courses are conducted online via a live virtual platform. This online platform allows you to interact with the instructor and your academic peers just as if you were in the same room together. Your course will be led by an expert instructor who has been interviewed and vetted rigorously to ensure they are highly qualified and communicate well. The instructor leads an online group course, where you will work collaboratively with other students also looking to improve their Chinese mastery. Working in collaboration with other students can provide benefits for all involved, as working in groups can not only help you but can help you save. Working with others has also been shown to help deepen comprehension and more thoroughly prepare students. Additionally, in a group setting, if you are having difficulty with a concept, the other students in the group can provide you with assistance. Conversely, you can help other students get through difficult concepts when you have a firm grasp of them. If you still require extra help, there's no need to worry. You can request one-on-one time with your instructor to address specific areas you want to work on.

Chinese classes are convenient and offer many options to work into your schedule. Since the classes are online, they are easily accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. Instead of having to spend time going to meet with an instructor, online classes are convenient and easy to integrate into your routine. Classes are offered in multiple sections, with new sections starting monthly. You can select between 2-week and 4-week courses. All these options mean more than likely there is an option that will fit your schedule.

How can I get signed up for a Chinese course?

Chinese can be a very difficult language to learn. Whether you're a student at Gateway High School, a college student looking for assistance, or a business person wanting to learn Chinese to increase professional opportunities in the international business world, if you contact Varsity Tutors, we can enroll you in a St. Louis Chinese course to move you in the right direction. If you contact Varsity Tutors today, we can answer any questions you might have about what a Chinese course will cover. We can provide you with our current course offerings and tell you when we can enroll you in a course and get you started working towards your goals in learning Chinese. Contact Varsity Tutors today to get started.

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