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The Society for Human Resources offers a Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) credential that can help individuals already working in the field, or progressing toward a career in human resources. If you are considering SHRM-CP courses, Varsity Tutors can provide study assistance and support before your exam. The company offers SHRM-CP classes in a 1:1 format with a tutor who is familiar with the concepts covered in the certification exam. The certification exam covers a wide variety of topics, and with a tutor, you can spend your SHRM-CP course session going over any topic in more detail. Some students want to review all of the topics that will be covered on the test, and some want to go into depth in the areas they struggle with. Whichever way benefits you the most, you have the freedom to do that in your tutoring session.

When you start SHRM-CP classes, it's helpful to know what you'll likely see on the exam. Your tutor will have this information and can use it to create a personalized SHRMCP prep course that covers all of these topics.There are approximately 160 multiple choice questions, and they cover 15 functional areas in human resources and eight behavioral competencies.

The table below explains the basics of the SHRM-CP exam, including time, passing score, and the number of questions.

SHRM-CP Exam Format

Question Format # Questions Time Allowed Passing Score
Multiple-Choice 160 Questions 4 Hours 200

During your SHRM-CP class time, your tutor will be able to help you become familiar with the type of format the test will take. They'll also know techniques you can use to answer the multiple-choice questions you will find, as well as techniques on how to use your time wisely on the test.

An SHRM-CP prep class can help you in many ways. Not only can you review test topics and learn about the exam format, but a tutor can also help you with relaxation techniques that can be beneficial on test-day.

During your SHRM-CP courses, you'll work through a personalized plan that can include review techniques like practice quizzes, flashcards, or even lecture-style review, if that's how you learn best.

The certification exam includes questions on concepts like leadership, ethics, business analysis, networking and teamwork, and during your SHRM-CP class session, you can go over the information as much or as little as necessary. Because your tutoring session is personalized, you can review by lecture, informational videos, and making outlines and taking notes. Your tutor is interested in helping you study in ways that work best for you.

The table below goes into more detail about specific topics you might see, but does not include every possible topic.

SHRM-CP Topics (Non-Comprehensive)

  • Leadership & Navigation
  • Ethical Practices
  • Business Acumen
  • Navigating the organization
  • Managing HR Initiatives
  • Personal and Professional Integrity
  • Ethical agent
  • Networking and teamwork
  • Negotiation and conflict management
  • Delivering Messages
  • Listening
  • Operating in a diverse workplace
  • Business analysis
  • Designing HR Solutions
  • Workforce management

Varsity Tutors works to assign students seeking SHRM-CP prep courses to tutors who can fit into their busy schedules. The Live Learning Platform makes it easy and convenient to connect with a tutor, because you don't have to be in the same physical location. You'll still get the benefit of face-to-face tutoring and build an academic relationship during your SHRM-CP class sessions, but it can be in the comfort of your own home at a time that works for you. It also means you can have an SHRM-CP class at any place where you can connect to the internet, such as on a work break or during your commute.

Reach out to Varsity Tutors today to get matched with a tutor who will help you get your SHRM-CP prep classes underway.

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