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If you're looking for reliable San Francisco-Bay Area Praxis prep opportunities, Varsity Tutors is here to set you up with the right option to help you reach for your goals. The Praxis is a teaching certification exam required in some states in the U.S. There are two Praxis tests you may need to take as part of the certification process: Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) and Praxis Subjects Assessments.

The Core test assesses your skills in reading, mathematics, or writing. The Core tests were created to measure the skills and knowledge of individuals entering preparation programs for teachers. The Subject Assessments evaluate a candidate's knowledge of specific subjects taught from kindergarten through 12th grade. These tests will assess skills you would have learned in a teaching program at a college or university such as San Francisco State University or San Jose State University. Both types of test require a fairly extensive amount of review in order to do well. If the idea of creating your own study plan is overwhelming, you may wish to sign up for San Francisco-Bay Area Praxis prep. By taking an online course or working with a private instructor, you're handing the task of planning over to a professional so you can focus on the content and preparing more thoroughly for the Praxis exam.

What skills and topics can I learn during San Francisco-Bay Area Praxis prep sessions?

With an experienced and knowledgeable instructor, you can feel sure you're covering all the proper content and material to put your best foot forward. If you're taking a Praxis Core exam, you can work on the integration of multiple documents, explanatory writing skills, algebraic functions, or statistics and probability, among other topics. Praxis Subject test takers can review the subject you're preparing for as well as teaching skills and knowledge.

No matter what you're hoping to review, San Francisco-Bay Area Praxis prep can help you study more thoroughly than you may be able to on your own.

What are the benefits of taking either an online San Francisco-Bay Area Praxis prep course or being connected to a private instructor?

Varsity Tutors offers two excellent options to prospective teaching professionals aiming to earn certification: an online, interactive Praxis course and a connection to experienced Praxis tutors.

If you are the type of person who enjoys traditional learning environments with social interaction between teacher and classmates, you may wish to sign up for our online San Francisco-Bay Area Praxis prep class. You'll access your class sessions using a virtual platform which is equipped with video chat and an online whiteboard. This gives you the chance to interact directly with your teacher during live class sessions, just as if you were sitting in a physical classroom. You'll also have opportunities to work with your classmates on collaborative projects or discussions. This type of social learning has been shown to help individuals learn the material more easily and enjoy their study sessions more. As long as you have a computer and access to reliable internet, you can take your class anywhere such as the public library, your favorite cafe, or sitting at your own kitchen table. This makes it convenient to fit instruction into your already busy schedule. Classes are offered in either two-week or four-week sessions and begin each month so you can sign up at any point.

If you prefer a less structured learning environment, you can elect to be connected to a private Praxis instructor. This gives you the opportunity to help decide which topics you'll go over. For example, if you already feel prepared for the Reading test, you don't have to sit through a prescheduled class going over this content. You can focus on mathematical skills or focus on whichever subject assessment you'll be taking. You can work at a pace you find comfortable and spend as little or as much time focused on a topic as needed in order to feel ready to move on. Your instructor can also use information such as your preferred learning style and your academic strengths when creating lesson plans. For example, if you're a visual learner, your private instructor can utilize videos or graphics during your study sessions.

Some prospective teachers may find it useful to sign up for both opportunities, which can allow you to gain the benefits of both options. No matter what you select, we're here to support you as you work towards gaining confidence in your abilities.

How do I get started with a San Francisco-Bay Area Praxis tutor or online course?

Contact one of the educational directors at Varsity Tutors if you're ready to take advantage of one of our prep options. We'll answer your questions and help you determine which opportunity would work best for your goals and schedule. Get started today with San Francisco-Bay Area Praxis preparation by calling Varsity Tutors!

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