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If you are interested in your child receiving assistance for the SSAT, you should inquire about Varsity Tutors and enrolling in a San Antonio course. If you want to enroll your child in a private or independent school, the SSAT is a test that measures a child's skills in the basic Verbal, Math, and Reading subject areas. Once the test is completed, the results are then used to determine your student's admission as well as assess and compare their educational abilities with other applicants. The exam is timed with a standard allotment for each section and level. Each section on the SSAT has a set number of questions, question type, and response type. Varsity Tutors can help your child with additional preparation for the exam so they can perform at their peak on test day.

Are the materials that are reviewed in a San Antonio SSAT class the same as what is on the actual SSAT?

The subjects, concepts, and topics that are on the SSAT are used for review in a San Antonio SSAT course. Though the questions may not be the same, the study will provide a thorough understanding of the content of the SSAT. All of the levels have the same sections, with the same testing concepts. The Elementary level does not have two parts, only one, of Quantitative Reasoning that students are asked to complete. The Experimental and Writing sections on all levels of the SSAT are not scored and do not have a numerical effect on the student's final comprehensive score. Sections in each level are titled Reading, Quantitative, Writing, Experimental, and Verbal. A complete overview of testing material and concepts follow.

Let's start with the Elementary Level that is for children who are going into the fourth and fifth grades. The Quantitative Section focuses on standard mathematical skills commonly taught in early education such as shapes, subtraction, multiplication, addition, number order, division, and fractions. The Verbal Section will entail topics from English that center around word relationships, the ability to identify the nuances of word meanings, and language comprehension. As your student approaches the Reading Section, they are expected to demonstrate skills that pertain to reading comprehension. A few of the concepts that are common within the Reading Section include the student's abilities to identify the main ideas in written work, the ability to recognize information, and the literal and non-literal functions of particular words. The last section in the Elementary Level of the test is the Writing Section. The student has to create a short story from a visual prompt, like a picture. Some concepts in the Writing Section include spelling, grammar, punctuation, and essay organization.

The Middle Level's testing material is for fifth through seventh-grade students. The Writing Section for the Middle Level asks students to provide a written response from one of two prompts. As your student writes their reply to their chosen prompt, they will showcase their grammar and writing skills. As in the Upper Level, the Middle Level's Quantitative Section main idea relates to mathematical skills. Topics covered in this section include but are not limited to elementary algebra, geometry, and arithmetic. As students navigate through the exam, they will come across the Reading Section. The purpose of this section is to display their understanding and abilities to interpret the functions of English from narrative and argumentative passages. A portion of the concepts offered on the exam that a San Antonio SSAT course includes is the evaluation of tone, attitude, finding details, and identifying main ideas. The last section is the Verbal Section. This section will require students to demonstrate their comprehension of word relationships, the nuances in word meanings, and language understanding.

The Upper Level is for students entering private and independent high schools. Grades eight through eleven will fall into the Upper Level. The Writing Sample requires your student to use their knowledge of English to show skills in responding to one of two prompts in a written essay or story. Some of the concepts to know are how to organize an essay, the use of persuasive writing techniques, and the ability to support a written statement with examples. As with the other two levels, the Quantitative Section requires your student to display mathematical skills. Some of the concepts include but aren't limited to word problems, graphing skills, fractions, and line equations. Next, the Reading Section expands the questioning to include social studies, science, and interpretation of literary fiction and humanities. Finally, the Verbal Section will test the student's comprehension of analogies and synonyms.

What are the benefits of a San Antonio SSAT prep course?

As you enroll your student in a San Antonio SSAT course and they have difficulty with the content in the class, your student has the chance to ask their instruction for additional assistance and one-on-one help. The instructors that teach the online San Antonio SSAT courses are known experts in the virtual education field. The teachers sometimes assign group projects that require dialogue between students. Group members can practice test strategies and interact with each other and search for resolutions through collaboration.

Another benefit of San Antonio SSAT courses is convenience and accessibility. Because the courses are online, your student can actively participate in their online learning activities from virtually anywhere. The stresses of being a parent often include transportation issues. Parents do not have to plan for carpools or worry about driving their students to a school campus to attend their course. The online access to their classmates, as well as their teacher, provides for real-time communication and results in extra support for your student.

How can I contact Varsity Tutors for more information about a San Antonio SSAT class?

More information about a San Antonio SSAT class is available by calling or through the Varsity Tutors website. Your inquiry about a San Antonio SSAT course will connect you with an educational consultant who is trained to work directly with your student and listen to their current educational needs. The educational consultants will discuss course options and help your student find a class schedule that will work for their busy lifestyle.

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