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If you are hoping to help your child prepare for the SSAT, Varsity Tutors can get them enrolled in a quality Spokane SSAT prep course. When your child applies to an independent or private school, the admissions office will look at their score to evaluate how proficient they are in the basic academic skills that are needed at their school. Since your child's score on this test could determine whether or not they are admitted to a certain school, it's important that they invest a reasonable amount of effort into preparing for it.

If you want your child to have some extra instruction, consider a Spokane SSAT course. Under the guidance of a highly trained instructor, your student will be able to engage in collaborative courses that are designed to help strengthen their study skills and give them an idea of what they'll be facing when they sit down to take the test. Enrolling your child in courses can help give them a greater sense of confidence on this test.

What topics are covered in a Spokane SSAT course?

The SSAT is divided into the Elementary Level, Middle Level, and Upper Level. The test that your child takes will depend on the grade they're in. On each level of the test, students will face a Writing sample, a Quantitative section, a Reading section, and a Verbal section. There will also be an unscored Experimental section. These are all areas that a Spokane SSAT course can help students with. Let's have a look at each of them to get an idea of what they involve.

The Writing sample will assess how well students can put together a piece of writing that demonstrates a strong command of written English. All students must have a firm grasp of the mechanics of the English language. Knowledge of spelling and grammar is essential. Upper Level students will be given a choice between a creative writing prompt and an essay prompt. These students must demonstrate a high level of organization in their writing, persuasive strategies, and an ability to back up their statements with specific examples. Students on the Middle Level will be allowed to choose between two creative writing prompts. Elementary Level students will be given a photographic prompt and write a basic story that includes a beginning, middle, and end.

In the Quantitative section, students will showcase their ability to work mathematical problems. Keep in mind that students will not be permitted to use a calculator on this section of the test. Students in the Upper Level should have a strong proficiency in topics such as geometry, algebra, and probability. These students will need to know how to unravel word problems, solve algebraic problems, and demonstrate graphing skills. Students on the Middle Level will need to have an understanding of basic algebra and geometry. In addition, they will need to understand ratios and topics like range, mean, median, and mode. Elementary Level students should have an understanding of the basic arithmetical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These students will also need to know topics such as algebra, measurement, geometry, and the interpretation of graphs.

When they get to the Reading section of the exam, students will be tested on how well they can critically analyze and interpret passages. Students on the Upper and Middle Levels should be able to evaluate the argument the author is making and draw inferences from the text. Elementary Level students must be able to extract information from the text, identify the main idea, and determine the meaning of words based on context clues. In a nutshell, this portion of the test will evaluate how effective students are at processing what they read.

On the Verbal section of the test, students at every level should know how to work with synonyms and analogies. Upper Level students should have an understanding of prefixes and suffixes, particularly those in Greek, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon. In addition, knowledge of word roots is necessary. Middle Level students will also want to know roots, prefixes, and suffixes. These students should understand the logical relations between words and ideas. Elementary Level students must understand age-appropriate vocabulary from fields such as science and social studies.

How can a Spokane SSAT class help?

When you get your child enrolled in classes, they will be given access to a collaborative environment where they can voice their concerns about the SSAT and get help on topics that they might be struggling with. Perhaps your student is having a hard time remembering their prefixes and suffixes. An instructor might go over those and teach students some effective study techniques. Maybe your student needs help on probability problems. This is also something they could ask about. The instructor can walk students through sample problems to help them get a better idea of how they are solved. Students can also arrange one-on-one time with their instructor if they want to speak with them about topics that they're having a particularly difficult time understanding.

We understand that you are likely to be very busy, which is why classes have been made to be as convenient as possible. When you enroll, you can pick between a two-week class and a four-week class. Classes are offered in several different sections, with new sections starting on a weekly basis. Don't forget that classes take place in an online environment. This means that your student can engage in lessons from the comfort of home. You don't even have to worry about getting out and fighting through traffic. All your student needs is a reliable computer with an internet connection.

How can I enroll my student in classes?

Everyone naturally wants their children to do well in life. By helping your kids out with their education, you will be building foundational skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. If your child is apprehensive about taking the SSAT, prep classes might be an ideal solution. Work to secure their educational future by enrolling them in a Spokane SSAT class.

If you are interested in getting your child signed up for a Spokane SSAT class or if you have any questions, let Varsity Tutors help! Contact us today for more information.

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