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If you would like to take a San Antonio SAT prep course, Varsity Tutors can find you a comprehensive course to help you build the study skills you'll need on exam day. The SAT is possibly the most famous standardized exam in the world, taken by high school juniors at local schools like Saint Mary's Hall and Alamo Heights High School and around the country. If you feel like you need some professional help to reach for your academic goals, reach out to an educational consultant today to learn more about how we may be able to help you.

Every San Antonio SAT class we provide entails expert instruction from a great communicator. Our live virtual platform also facilitates digital sessions that feel just like meeting in person. Keep reading to discover why we are the right choice for you.

What subject areas does a San Antonio SAT course generally cover?

The SAT is a standardized exam with three multiple-choice sections: Reading, Math, and Writing/Language. Your Math grade will fall into a range from 200-800, while your Reading and Writing/Language scores are tallied together to produce a grade on the same scale. These two grades are then added together to produce your composite score, or your final grade on the examination. All test-takers must take these three sections, and you have a total of three hours to finish the test.

There is also an optional essay prompt on the SAT that adds 50 minutes to total testing time. While you may not need to take it, certain universities and colleges may require it for all prospective students or for those seeking to pursue a specific degree program. Here is a complete breakdown of the topics you can expect to see on the SAT, sorted by section:


The Reading section consists of 52 items over a testing session lasting 65 minutes. All of the items on this section are based on reading passages drawn from all facets of academia: one passage from either contemporary or classic literature, 1-2 passages from the Founding period of U.S. History, one passage on the social sciences (psychology, economics, sociology, etc.), and 2-3 passages on scientific subjects (biology, chemistry, physics, Earth science). You may see a graph or chart as one of your passages, but you are not expected to do any math. Instead, this section tests your critical thinking and reading comprehension abilities.


The Math section contains a total of 58 questions over 80 minutes, but it's split into two distinct subsections: calculator and non-calculator. For the calculator portion, you have 55 minutes to answer 38 items. On the non-calculator portion, you have 25 minutes to answer 20 items. Some calculators are not permitted even on the calculator subsection, so make sure your device is on the approved list before you sit for the test. This section measures your quantitative problem-solving, analytical thinking, and understanding of algebraic expressions.

Writing and Language

The Writing and Language section features 44 questions over 35 minutes. Most of the questions on this section pertain to English language conventions (punctuation, sentence structure, grammar, etc.), but there are also vocabulary items measuring your ability to use context to define unfamiliar words and relevancy questions. This section is all about the minute details, so you need to be careful about rushing through it.


Finally, the Essay prompt presents test-takers with an argument and asks them to evaluate it based on the author's use of evidence, reasoning, and stylistic decisions. This section measures your reading comprehension, argumentative, and written communication skills. You only have 50 minutes to produce your piece, so you may want to create an outline to help you organize your thoughts. Your essay is scored on a scale from 6-24 based on your argument's cohesion, use of evidence, grammar, and topical analysis.

Why should I take a San Antonio SAT course?

Enrolling in a San Antonio SAT course provided by Varsity Tutors allows you to study in a structured classroom setting from the comfort of your own home. Every course session takes place online, so you never need to worry about commuting or inviting a stranger into your home. At the same time, our live virtual platform facilitates real-time interaction with both your teacher and your classmates, giving you a study experience that's just as good as meeting up in person.

Some students initially scoff at sharing a virtual classroom with other students only to discover that it helped them in the long run. First of all, having multiple students split the cost of a San Antonio SAT class makes premium instruction more affordable for everybody. You can also share test-taking tips and strategies that you picked up along the way so that you have a Plan B if you get stumped. For example, there is no penalty for guessing on the SAT. It is often in your best interest to take a guess and move on instead of puzzling over a single question for minutes at a time.

If you ever feel as though you need individualized attention, you can set aside private study time with your instructor to go over anything you may be having a hard time with. Otherwise, working with other students can help you develop a more comprehensive understanding of academic subjects than you could through independent study.

You can also take practice exams during your class sessions to help you feel more comfortable with the exam's structure and content. Knowing exactly what you can expect on exam day can go a long way toward easing any test anxiety you might be experiencing as well.

We also try to value your time as much as you do when designing these services. For instance, we offer two and four-week class sessions to make it easier to find a fit for your lifestyle. We also start new classes each week so that it's always a great time to get started.

How do I sign up for a San Antonio SAT course?

Reach out to an educational consultant to learn more about how to sign up for a Varsity Tutors San Antonio SAT class or get answers to any burning questions you still have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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