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Whether you are a student at a school like Ocean Lakes High School or Cape Henry Collegiate wondering how to prepare for the SAT, Varsity Tutors has a Virginia Beach SAT course that can help. The score you receive on the SAT will have a direct impact on your chances of getting into your preferred university because it is one of the factors admissions officials consider. Preparing adequately for college admissions exams like the SAT is one of the most important things you can do to secure your academic future.

The skills assessed during the SAT are those which you must have a certain degree of proficiency in if you are to thrive in a collegiate environment. If you are unsteady in one or more area, it is likely you will have to take remedial classes to be able to progress in your academic career. The value of these skills is why admissions officers so carefully scrutinize the scores. It's far better to discover you have an area of weakness while preparing for the SAT than to find out once you receive your scores. Not only will it help you work towards your scoring goal, but it can also help you prepare for college. Keep reading to discover what you can expect when you take the SAT and some of the ways Varsity Tutors can help you prepare.

What can a Virginia Beach SAT course cover?

There are only three required sections of the SAT: Writing and Language, Reading, and Math. You can choose to include the SAT Essay section if you also want your writing skills evaluated.

The Writing and Language section of the SAT demonstrates your competency in the standard conventions of the English language. Some of the skills you will need to rely on in this section include grammar, sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, and the appropriate use of commas. Working with an experienced instructor can help you develop these and other pertinent skills before the exam. The Reading section of the SAT evaluates your reading comprehension and analytical ability as it applies to reading. These two sections are combined for the score. Between the two, you can earn between 200 and 800 points. You will have 65 minutes to complete the Reading section and 35 minutes to complete the Writing and Language section.

The Math section of the SAT is divided into two portions. In only one will you be allowed to use a calculator. It's essential to be aware of what types of problems you won't have access to a calculator for so you can prepare to do them without assistance. Equally important is knowing what kind of calculator you can work with. You don't want to be surprised on the day of the test by not knowing how to use the calculator. Utilizing professional SAT prep resources as part of your preparation efforts can help you become familiar with the test's particulars. The entire Math section is scored together. You can earn between 200 and 800 points on this section. You will have 80 minutes to complete this section of the SAT.

During the SAT Essay, your writing skills will be evaluated. In addition to adhering to standard writing conventions, you will also need to successfully present a written position based on the argument from the reading passage. You will not be writing about whether or not you agree with the author. Instead, you will be expected to evaluate the author's writing on a variety of points such as determining whether it was valid based on the available evidence, the clarity of the writing, and how clearly it was presented. If evaluating an argument and writing about it clearly sounds challenging, you will have an opportunity to review writing essentials as part of your Virginia Beach SAT course.

What are the benefits of taking a Virginia Beach SAT class?

When you take a Virginia Beach SAT class or course, you will have the opportunity to thoroughly review all areas of the SAT with an experienced instructor. You won't have to put together your study resources piecemeal or spend valuable time trying to find someone who can tell you what the test is like. Classes are broken down into topical sections, and new sections begin each week which not only makes it easy to start when you are ready, but it also means it's easy to find a section you need as you progress.

All of the SAT classes are held in a secure online learning environment. Having access to your teacher, classmates, and resources online can save you a remarkable amount of time. You won't have to worry about a lengthy commute, finding parking at the school, or dealing with bad weather. All you have to do is have a good internet connection, and you can hop on and get started. Just because it is easier to access your class doesn't mean it is less informative than a traditional classroom. Your teacher will still provide group instruction to the class, encourage student participation, and may have you work together in group projects. You can even ask your teacher questions if you need anything clarified.

One of the most underrated benefits of preparing for the SAT in a classroom environment is the support you gain from working with peers who will soon be facing the same test. As you work together, they will likely have questions that can help further your own knowledge when they are answered by the instructor. As you work together to prepare you can hold one another accountable and offer encouragement to follow through with your preparation efforts.

How can I get started with a Virginia Beach SAT prep course?

If you are ready to enroll in a Virginia Beach SAT course and take your test preparation efforts to the next level, let the experts at Varsity Tutors help. There is no reason you should try to cobble together resources or worry that you have missed something important when you can work with an experienced instructor. Contact Varsity Tutors today to learn more and get started quickly and easily.

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