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If your student needs some extra help, Varsity Tutors can help them with Indianapolis SSAT preparation. This prep can give your student a more thorough review than what they might do on their own. As your student begins applying to private or independent schools, they will need to think about taking an entrance exam like the SSAT. This test is one factor many schools look at when determining acceptance for students.

The SSAT is a comprehensive test with five or six sections depending upon what grade your student is in. Whether they have just started their review or are in the middle of it, your student has a couple of options to get the extra help they need. Varsity Tutors can set your student up with an Indianapolis SSAT tutor for one-on-one help. We can also set up them up with an Indianapolis SSAT prep course to fit into their schedule. We can also guide your student to whichever option works best for them.

What can Indianapolis SSAT prep cover?

The sections of the SSAT include Quantitative 1 and 2, Reading, Verbal, Writing Sample, and Experimental for middle and high school students and Quantitative/Math, Reading, Verbal, Writing Sample, and Experimental for elementary students. The exam measures these subjects to see how successful the students will be in their private or independent school. The Writing and Experimental sections for all grade levels are not scored. At the Elementary Level, students can guess answers and not be penalized. However, at the Middle and Upper Levels, students will leave answers blank if they don't know it so they aren't penalized. If they guess an answer and get it wrong, they are penalized one-quarter of a point. Let's take a closer look at what each level of the SSAT entails so your student knows what to review.

For the Upper Level, the Quantitative 1 and 2 sections have 25 questions each and 30-minute sections for a total of one hour and 50 questions. This covers algebra, geometry, and arithmetic. It is important your student knows concepts such as linear equations, area, perimeter, graphing, algebraic problems, word problems, fractions, and arithmetic sequences. The Reading section has 40 questions in 40 minutes and various passages from science, social studies, humanities, and literary fiction. It is important for your student knows how to find the main idea, how to make inferences and predictions, how to figure out words in context, how to determine the author's purpose and tone, and how to evaluate arguments and opinions. The Verbal section is 60 questions in 30 minutes and covers analogies and synonyms. The concepts your student should know include antonyms, word roots, parts of speech, synonyms, analogies, prefixes, and suffixes. The Writing Sample section is 25 minutes, and students will choose from either a creative or traditional essay prompt. They must be able to organize an essay or a story, use correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling, and write in a persuasive way to support their statement with examples.

For the Middle Level, the Quantitative section is the same in length and questions as the Upper Level. However, the test covers different topics. Students should know data analysis, numbers, operations, probability, and algebra. Your student is assessed on coordinate geometry, area, perimeter, ratio, proportion, and operations using variables. The Reading section is the same in length and questions as the Upper Level test and has students read both argumentative and narrative passages. Students must know the same concepts as the Upper Level test. The Verbal section is similar to the upper level. While the length of the Writing Sample section is the same length, your student is given two creative prompts and will choose one and write a story. They will need to know how to organize the piece and use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

For the Elementary Level, the Quantitative/Math section is 30 questions in 30 minutes and covers basic math such as number sense, geometry and spatial sense, measurement, probability, properties and operations, and algebra and functions. Your student should know place value, number order, fractions, shapes, and graph interpretation. The Reading section is seven passages with four questions each with a 30-minute time limit. Your student should be able to comprehend their reading by determining the meaning of words in context, finding the main idea, understanding nonliteral and literal meanings of words, and identifying information. The Verbal section is 30 questions in 30 minutes and covers nuances in words meanings, word relationships, and language understanding. Your student should have knowledge of the concepts such as analogies, synonyms, and age-appropriate vocabulary from various subjects. Finally, the Writing Sample section is 15 minutes for one prompt. Your student will write a simple story from a picture prompt and should know how to organize a story and understand correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

What are the benefits of the different types of Indianapolis SSAT prep?

Varsity Tutors can set your student up with the most effective way to review for the Indianapolis SSAT through prep courses or tutoring. Each has its benefits, so let's talk about which one would work for your student.

If your student prefers an interactive environment, an Indianapolis SSAT prep class is a great choice. Your student will meet with other students and a private instructor for online instruction through our learning platform. Your student can participate in group activities as well as discussions about the various concepts they need to know for the test.

If your student prefers more one-on-one interaction, an Indianapolis SSAT tutor is a better choice. Working with a private instructor gives your student the chance to ask questions that are most important to them. A tutor can get to know your student and create a plan based on their strengths, challenges, and learning style. An academic mentor can help your student with techniques for test taking or help them with difficult concepts they don't quite understand.

How do I sign up for Indianapolis SSAT prep?

Varsity Tutors is ready to provide Indianapolis SSAT prep and help you figure out the best option for your student. Contact our educational consultants so they can get started right away.

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