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If your student is preparing for the ISEE in order to apply to an independent or private school, Varsity Tutors can connect you with professional SSAT prep in Syracuse. The Independent School Entrance Examination, or ISEE, is required by many independent and private schools in the U.S. Many parents have turned to Syracuse ISEE preparation to help their student reach for their goals. This important test can determine your student's educational future, so they need to be as prepared as possible in order to be successful.

Can Syracuse ISEE Prep Help My Student Review the Skills They Need to Succeed?

Syracuse ISEE prep can help your student review all of the skills they will be assessed on in the test. The ISEE if broken down into four levels. The levels are Primary, Lower, Middle, and Upper. This standardized test is timed and is administered based on the student's grade level. The Primary Level is taken by students entering grades 2-4. The Lower Level is given to students going into 5th or 6th grade. Students entering 7th and 8th grade take the Middle Level, and the Upper Level is taken by students entering any grade level of high school. We will provide you more details about each level, so you know what your student will need to know to do their best.

At the Primary Level, the test has three versions: Primary 2, 3, and 4. For students entering second grade, Primary 2 is administered. If your student is entering third grade, they will take the Primary 3, and the Primary 4 is given to students entering fourth grade. The Primary Level ISEE has three sections.

The Reading section assesses your student's ability to comprehend reading, and their understanding of grade-appropriate vocabulary. The questions are all multiple-choice.

The Math section has multiple-choice questions that measure your student's understanding of basic math operations at a level appropriate for their grade level, as well as their general mathematics abilities.

The Writing Sample consists of your students writing a story about a picture they are shown. Although this sample is not scored, it does provide admissions offices some insight into your student's personality, creativity, and writing abilities.

The Primary Level 2 ISEE also contains an Auditory Comprehension section. This section requires students to listen to passages and answer questions about them. There are 6 questions and the passages are both fictional and nonfictional topics. Your student will have 7 minutes to listen and answer the questions.

At the Lower Level, there are five sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Math Achievement, and Essay. There are different skills assessed in each section.

The Verbal Reasoning section assesses your student's ability to use context clues in order to complete a sentence. They also will be assessed on common elementary and middle school vocabulary. This test is made up of 40 questions and students are allowed 20 minutes to complete it.

Students are given 35 minutes to answer 37 questions in the Quantitative Reasoning section. The topics covered in this section are estimation, comparison, and number logic. Your student will need good arithmetic skills and be able to identify the characteristics of shapes and geometric objects.

In the Reading Comprehension section, your student will answer 36 questions in 35 minutes. Topics in this section are the main and supporting ideas, vocabulary, organization, tone, style, and language. Your student should be able to locate the main idea of a passage, as well as find important information. They will answer questions based on passages they are given to read.

The Math Achievement section is 47 questions with which your student has 40 minutes to answer. They will need a good understanding of numbers, operations, geometry, measurement, probability, algebraic concepts, and data analysis.

Finally, the Essay section provides your student with the chance to give their prospective school a little more information about who they are. They will be provided with a topic that elementary school students are interested in and they are required to write about that topic in more detail.

The Middle and Upper Level of the ISEE include the same sections and time allowances as the Lower Level. The questions in each section of the ISEE become more difficult as the levels progress. Students taking the Upper-Level ISEE will be required to have more advanced knowledge of each topic because they have more education than a student at a lower grade level.

What Are the Benefits of Syracuse ISEE Prep?

There are many benefits to leveraging Syracuse ISEE prep to help your student prepare for this important test. We can set you up in a Syracuse ISEE prep class that can help your student reach for their score goals. If your student participates in a prep class, they will be interacting online with a professional instructor and their peers. Classroom learning can provide your student with different techniques and skills they can use to improve their performance. They can collaborate with their instructor and peers, which can lead to an increase in their retention of important information. These classes are provided online using our Live Learning Platform. By using online prep help, you and your student can choose a place that is comfortable for your student to learn and a time that fits your schedules.

Varsity Tutors can also connect you with a Syracuse ISEE prep tutor that can guide your student as they prepare. We carefully screen and select professional tutors so that you can be sure your student is receiving qualified ISEE prep. Many students benefit from one-on-one tutoring because it can provide them with the focus and time they need from an experienced professional. A professional can also provide your student with a learning plan that is solely based on their individual needs, goals, and personality. This learning plan can also be flexible to provide the help your student requires in the areas they find the most challenging.

Both of these ISEE prep options are online and live. This allows you and your student the convenience of learning when and where it fits your lifestyle.

Who Can Connect Me with Syracuse ISEE Prep?

Varsity Tutors connects parents with ISEE prep for their students. Our Educational Consultants can enroll your student in a quality Syracuse ISSE prep course or connect them with an expert tutor who can assist your student as they try to achieve their score goals.

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