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If you are looking to improve your understanding of the Russian language, Varsity Tutors can help by setting you up with Philadelphia Russian lessons. These services are designed to fit a number of skill levels and schedules. By offering effective instruction and learning environments, these services can help you to maximize your Russian language studies.

Russian is one of the languages of the United Nations, and one of the most important languages in the Slavic language family. There are about 265 million people who speak Russian as either a first or second language. There are a variety of reasons to learn Russian. Those who attend local schools such as Northeast High School or Central High School could learn Russian as a way to fulfill their foreign language graduation requirements. Those who study literature or theater may enjoy the opportunity to study the works of writers like Dostoevsky or Tolstoy in their original language. Many schools such as the University of Pennsylvania offer degree programs in Russian language and culture.

What can I learn about during Philadelphia Russian lessons?

Russian presents a number of challenges for native English speakers. Russian is based on the Cyrillic alphabet which is closer in appearance to Greek than English so you will need to learn to read and write in a new script. Additionally, Russian is an inflected language. Words have a series of endings that change to indicate what part of speech a word is. This extra information that is included in the word can make Russian a fairly precise language, but it requires that English speakers learn a variety of different endings. English does not have many word inflections, so adapting to a language based around inflections can be a challenge. Because Russian words tell you what part of speech they are, words in Russian sentences can appear in many more orders than in English. English word order is fairly standardized because word order is one of the key ways that English indicates which words are filling which role in the sentence.

Learning a language like Russian in a formal environment can help you to learn in a structured and methodical way. An expert can help you to know which concepts to learn first, and how to build off of that foundation. Formal environments can help you to develop good habits and increase your confidence as well. These sorts of environments can also provide you with the chance to practice conversing in Russian. Holding conversations in a language is one of the best ways to internalize the concepts you are learning.

What can Philadelphia Russian lessons do to help me study?

During your study time, you can choose from a couple of types of Russian lessons. In a Russian class, you will learn from a skilled instructor in a virtual classroom. If you would rather learn one-on-one, you can work with a Philadelphia Russian tutor. Both of these options can help you to study effectively and are convenient to schedule.

Philadelphia Russian classes allow for live interactions and learning in the virtual classroom. You can your classmates can hear lectures, ask questions, participate in class discussions, and engage with the material in other ways that are similar to a classroom environment. Your instructor can focus on the content that is most important to the class and you can also talk with your instructor outside of class to receive extra help. New classes start monthly, and you can choose the session that fits your schedule best.

In online or in-person sessions with a Philadelphia Russian tutor, you can learn based on your needs, abilities, and goals. You and your Philadelphia Russian tutor can make a study plan for your time that moves you towards your goals. You can learn in ways that suit your learning style and help you to retain information more effectively. Whether you are practicing your conversational abilities, vocabulary, or grammar, these sessions are devoted to what you need to learn. You and your instructor can interact via our Live Learning Platform.

How do I register for Philadelphia Russian lessons?

Our Educational Consultants can help you to choose the service that is right for you, answer your questions, and guide you through the registration process. Whatever your logistical and academic needs, they can help you to find a service that can help.

Varsity Tutors can get you started with Philadelphia Russian lessons that help you to use your time effectively as you study Russian. To experience the benefits of these lessons, contact one of our Educational Consultants online or over the phone today.

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