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The CPA Exam is one of the core components of getting licensed as a Certified Public Accountant, and Varsity Tutors can help you find a Nashville CPA Exam prep course that might be just what you've been looking for to give your preparations a boost. Whether you're studying at Belmont University, Tennessee State University, or another school, you've likely invested a great deal of time and effort in the pursuit of a career as a CPA. A Nashville CPA Exam course can assist you in bringing that work to fruition, through systematic review under the tutelage of an expert CPA Exam instructor. You'll also be gaining access to a supportive community of other prospective CPAs, who you'll work alongside as you strive for success on the exam.

What sort of content will I study in a Nashville CPA Exam class?

Since the CPA Exam is designed to assess your proficiency in all the skills necessary to work in public accountancy, the test has a pretty broad scope. It's broken up into four separate test sections: Auditing & Attestation, Business Environment & Concepts, Financial Accounting & Reporting, and Regulation. A Nashville CPA Exam course can break these large topics down and look at the individual subsections of the CPA Exam, like Corporate Governance or Business Law, so you can build a comprehensive understanding of the details of the accounting profession. All four test sections will require you to respond to task-based simulations and multiple-choice questions, and the Business Environment & Concepts section includes some additional questions that will test your written communication abilities. It's a lot to cover, but with the guidance of the instructor, you can work methodically and get regular feedback to keep you on track.

You'll also be able to develop your test-taking skills in a CPA Exam class. Although you won't take all four exam sections in a single day, 16 hours is still a long time to spend concentrating on a test, even when it's broken up into four- or eight-hour test days, and it can be easy to slip up. If you're not sure of how to properly pace yourself, the test can fly by faster than you'd expect. You don't want to end up rushing through questions or running out of time, and by informing you about the structure and scoring methods used on the test, a Nashville CPA Exam class may give you an edge.

How will a Nashville CPA Exam course be presented?

Should you choose to enroll, you'll be given access to an online classroom where you'll be taught by a professional instructor, who will help you review test material, and can lead you and your classmates in group discussions and activities. Thanks to video chat technology, you'll be able to see and speak with your teacher and classmates, and the class can function similarly to a traditional face-to-face class. By connecting you with other prospective CPAs, the class will allow you to work cooperatively as you prepare for the exam. You can experience new and diverse perspectives on accounting concepts which may reinvigorate your understanding of the material. You'll be able to bring your own strengths to the table, and helping other students understand ideas that you've already got a handle on can be a great way to build confidence in your abilities. This type of collaborative learning environment has been shown to benefit students by enhancing knowledge acquisition and retention. Plus, you'll be able to reserve one-on-one time with your instructor outside of class to clear up any difficult questions you might have about the material.

Online courses have some definite advantages over a brick-and-mortar classroom. By allowing you to attend your course from anywhere that you have an internet connection, you'll have control over your own physical environment, so you can study somewhere that you feel comfortable, productive, and ready to learn. You also won't have to worry about cramming another commute into your day which can save you time and money. A variety of course meeting times are available so you can find something that suits you, even if you've got an unorthodox or busy schedule.

How do I get signed up?

If you call Varsity Tutors you'll be able to talk to one of our educational consultants, who can give you plenty of details about what you'll encounter in a Nashville CPA Exam course and find a course time that fits your lifestyle. New course sections start on a monthly basis so the CPA Exam prep you've been looking for might be just around the corner.

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