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Varsity Tutors can help those who are looking for a Miami CPA Exam course. Prospective Certified Public Accountants who want to get their CPA licenses must pass this exam. A Miami CPA Exam prep course can help you review the information that you have previously learned, regardless of whether you studied at the University of Miami, Florida Atlantic University, or another university in the greater Miami area. It can also help you learn new information that you did not yet know.

What do I need to know about the CPA Exam?

The CPA Exam is one of the three E's required to obtain your license to work as a Certified Public Accountant. The other two are Education and Experience. There are four sections on the CPA Exam. You do not have to take them at the same time. However, you must not wait more than 18 months between completing the first and last section. You must answer 75 percent of questions on each individual section correctly to pass the exam.

There will be 72 multiple-choice questions on the Auditing and Attestation section, 62 on the Business Environment and Concepts section, 66 on the Financial Accounting and Reporting section, and 76 on the Regulation section. All sections will have nine task-based simulations, except for the Business Environment and Concepts section, which will only have four. The Business Environment and Concepts section will also have three Written Communication assignments.

How can I benefit from taking a Miami CPA Exam class?

Our Miami CPA classes are virtual classes. They take place over the internet, so you can attend class while avoiding a commute through the hectic Miami traffic. Our Live Learning Platform makes it easy to interact with your instructor and your fellow students through video chat.

Studying in a class can give you the opportunity to hear the perspectives of students from different backgrounds. You can collaborate with each other to reach your goals. Some students may know information that you do not. When other students ask questions, you can explain the answers to them. This can also help you gain some insight into the issues yourself.

Taking a Miami CPA Exam prep class is also a great way to keep yourself focused on your studies. Having a class that you need to attend to at a set time can help you overcome procrastination. Your instructor can help students set achievable goals. Reaching them can help increase your motivation to set new goals and reach for them as well.

You can also improve your general test-taking skills. A skill that you will need to have for the CPA Exam is answering questions within the time provided. The sections on the CPA Exam have between 69 and 81 questions and tasks that you must complete within four hours. Your class instructor can administer practice tests that have a similar amount of time allotted per question. This can help you get used to pacing yourself. They can also give you helpful advice to help you stay on track and complete the test on time. For example, if you do not know the answer to a question, you might want to take your best guess and mark it down. This way, you can come back to it at the end of the test if you have time left over. Your teacher can also recommend books that you can take out of the library or online resources that can help you understand important concepts.

Some students might have difficulty understanding a certain subject, such as assessing risk and developing a planned response. You can request private time with the teacher to ask more questions. You can also request one-on-one time if you want to delve deeper into a specific topic. We aim to give students as many resources as possible to help them prepare for the CPA Exam.

How can I get started with a Miami CPA Exam course?

It is easy to enroll in a Miami CPA Exam course. Get in touch with Varsity Tutors for more information. You will not have to wait long to start, as new class sections start each month. There are both two-week and four-week courses available for your convenience. Regardless of your personal schedule, we can find a class that works for you. Our educational consultants can speak with you to figure out your current level of knowledge and your educational goals so that they can get you enrolled in the right class. Give us a call today and we will get you started as soon as possible.

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