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If your student is gearing up to take the ISEE, they may benefit from a Minneapolis ISEE prep course provided by Varsity Tutors. The ISEE, or Independent School Entrance Exam, is used by independent schools to assess students for the purpose of admission, so the test may have a significant impact on your child's future. This, plus the range of material covered on the ISEE, may make you nervous, and you may be wondering what you can do to get ready for your student's upcoming test day. A Minneapolis ISEE course can be a great way to be sure your student can receive the support they need to strive for success on the test.

The ISEE covers a lot of different skills and concepts, and navigating the test's structure can be a challenge in itself, as it comes in several different forms depending on the grade level of your student. This is where a Minneapolis ISEE course can give your student a leg up, as it will not only reviewing subject material but also aims to ensure that your student will understand how the ISEE is presented and how test-taking skills can be a crucial element in success.

What material does a Minneapolis ISEE class cover?

The ISEE is given in one of four different forms, depending on the grade level of the student taking it. Students entering the 2nd through 4th grades will take the Primary Level, 5th and 6th-grade applicants will take the Lower Level, 7th and 8th-grade students will take the Middle Level, and those seeking admission at the 9th-grade level or above will take the Upper Level. We'll spend some time summarizing the test here so you can have an idea of what your student will be learning in a Minneapolis ISEE course.

At the Upper Level, the ISEE consists of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Math Achievement, and Essay sections. Verbal Reasoning will ask students to use a high-school vocabulary, and to use word roots, suffixes, and prefixes to answer questions. Quantitative Reasoning is intended to evaluate your student's ability to think critically in mathematical terms. This section will ask students to apply algebra and geometry skills to data analysis, problem-solving, and probability problems. For the Reading Comprehension section, your student will have to read passages and answer questions about the implicit and explicit content of the passages, understand the intent of the author, and compare and contrast information in passages. Math Achievement focuses on math operations and will ask students to use algebra and geometry knowledge to answer questions about variables and exponents, area and perimeters of geometric shapes, properties of shapes, and coordinate grids. The Essay section is not scored. Instead, students will respond to a prompt and produce a mechanically precise, well-organized piece of writing that will be provided to schools as a writing sample.

The Middle Level ISEE has the same sections and takes the same amount of time to complete, but the exact content in the sections will differ. For example, in Verbal Reasoning, students will have to have a middle school to high school-level vocabulary, and will still have to use suffixes, prefixes, and roots to understand words. Quantitative Reasoning will ask students to find lengths of lines and the areas of quadrilateral shapes and use various formulas. Reading Comprehension will be similar to the Upper Level, but with simpler passages, and grade-level-appropriate expectations of student responses. Math Achievement will cover prime factorization, prime numbers, fractions and ratios, quadrilaterals and triangles, and Venn Diagrams. The Essay will be on a topic of interest to middle school students.

The Lower Level uses the same section formatting. Verbal Reasoning will cover words from elementary and middle school word lists and will ask students to understand context clues. Quantitative Reasoning will require an understanding of estimation and comparison, probability, and the characteristics of geometric shapes. Reading Comprehension will ask students to locate the main argument of passages and locate important points in the passages to answer questions. Math Achievement will focus on simple algebra and geometry operations. The essay prompt will be appropriate to the elementary school level.

For the Primary Level ISEE, there will be multiple-choice Reading and Math sections, where students will have to show vocabulary and comprehension skills, and basic math skills, respectively. There is a Writing section where students will respond to a picture prompt by writing a simple story about the picture, which will allow your student to show off their creativity to school admission boards. At the 2nd grade level, there is an additional Auditory Comprehension section, where students will listen to passages and answer questions.

What support will a Minneapolis ISEE class provide my student?

A Minneapolis ISEE course is taught in an interactive online classroom, where your student will participate in group discussions with other students their age and will be taught by an expert instructor. This type of collaborative environment may prove to be a valuable asset in your student's test preparation, as by working with their peers they can be exposed to new perspectives on the material, and encounter a variety of learning styles. Students can see, hear, and speak with their instructor and with each other, and the course is taught just as if the group was seated around a table together. A group course also provides a great value, by giving you access to a well-qualified instructor who has passed a rigorous approval process at reasonable prices. Your student will also be able to reserve one-on-one time with their instructor to get caught up on any material they might find themselves struggling with. The course is specially designed so it can provide your student with many routes to success on the ISEE so that they can find learning methods that work for them.

An online course provides a lot of flexibility in scheduling and makes getting signed up easy. We know both you and your student likely have very full schedules and personal lives, and so there are many course options to suit your unique needs. Courses come in both 2-week and 4-week sections, and new sections begin every week, so no matter where your student's at in their ISEE prep, there can be a course for you.

How can I get signed up for a Minneapolis ISEE prep course?

A great score on the ISEE may make an impact on your student's odds of getting into the independent school of their choice, and a prep course might be exactly the thing they need to excel. The test-taking skills that students can learn in one of these courses, plus the review of scholastic fundamentals that students will undergo, can be a real boon to any student regardless of their grade level, and may continue to pay off for the rest of their academic career. Reach out to Varsity Tutors today, and we can get your student signed up for a class that will suit your needs and your schedule. We are standing by to provide more information about how a Minneapolis ISEE course can get your student set up to pursue excellence.

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