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Varsity Tutors is a great source for finding access to different types of Washington DC USMLE preparation, whether you choose to sign up for an online course or work with a private tutor. Medical school students must take the United States Medical Licensing Exams to obtain their licensure. Since so many skills are assessed on this series of three exams, the help of an experienced instructor is crucial. You might just need a review of topics you haven't covered in a while. Some students need to better understand concepts they never fully grasped. An instructor can go back and teach these to fill any learning gaps. Perhaps you need an overview of the test format to build your confidence. Rather than study on your own, Washington DC USMLE prep takes studying, practice, and topic reviews to a new level.

What Topics Can Washington DC USMLE Prep Cover?

For the first component of the USMLE, or Step 1, you'll need to know basic science topics. Your instructor can go over the General Principles of Foundational Science. A comprehensive overview can enable you to better demonstrate the skills you need to practice medicine. The two parts of Step 2 consist of Clinical Knowledge, a question and answer test, and Clinical Skills, in which you showcase your communication, interpersonal, and English-speaking skills at one of six test centers. Steps 1 and 2 can be taken in any order you choose, although Step 1 is often taken during the second year of medical school and Step 2 during the fourth year. During your first or second year of postgraduate training, you may take Step 3, a two day test that also includes multiple choice questions as well as 13 computer-based case simulations.

Your class instructor or tutor may spend time on different organ systems or reviewing topics in behavioral health, biostatistics, population health, and social sciences. Sessions can also involve the interpretation of medical literature, an important skill in the medical profession that requires exposure and practice. Washington DC USMLE prep doesn't only provide a content review. To approach the USMLE efficiently, learning the format of the exam is essential. The more you know about the structure of questions and the skills required to answer them correctly, the better you can reach for your potential. Your instructor can offer tips such as using word clues in a passage and eliminating the least likely answers to boost the odds of guessing correctly.

What Are the Advantages of a Washington DC USMLE Prep?

Each type of test prep provides unique advantages compared to self-guided study. If you choose to participate in a Washington DC USMLE prep course, these benefits include working in a collaborative environment led by an experienced instructor. Our Live Learning Platform includes video chat and an online whiteboard that let you, your instructor, and peers interact as if everyone were in the same room. Collaborating can help develop your foundation in important science topics, body systems, and advanced topics such as epidemiology or biostatistics. You and your peers can share and trade knowledge. Instructors are also open to arranging one-on-one sessions with you if certain topics prove more challenging than others.

But not all students want to be part of a Washington DC USMLE prep class. For some, one-on-one instruction is more effective. Varsity Tutors can, therefore, connect you with a Washington DC USMLE prep tutor who can assess your opportunities and craft each lesson to cover the topics you need to learn or improve on. A private mentor has the flexibility to work at your pace and apply different instructional methods to account for your progress and learning style. Study sessions can take as much time as needed to cover, for example, the immune system or multisystem processes and disorders if your knowledge of other body systems or social sciences is sound. Many students benefit from private instruction; some even combine it with an online class to get a more comprehensive overview prior to taking the USMLE.

How Do I Enroll in Washington DC USMLE Prep?

Whether you enroll in an online course or study with a private mentor, the options are flexible regarding scheduling. Students at George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences and the Howard University College of Medicine have many commitments. Varsity Tutors is therefore proud to enable students to choose Washington DC USMLE prep at a time that works for them. Learn more or receive help signing up for test prep by getting in touch with an educational consultant today.

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