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If your Spokane USMLE preparation could use a boost, Varsity Tutors can connect you with two great services that can help you feel more confident on test day. First, we can enroll you in a Spokane USMLE prep course where you can study in a structured learning environment with an expert instructor and like-minded students. Alternatively, we can connect you with a Spokane USMLE tutor who can provide individualized attention as you reach for your educational goals. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits each service provides.

The USMLE (or United States Medical Licensing Exam) is a series of three standardized tests taken by individuals interested in earning a medical license. They are cumulative, meaning that you will be tested on everything you've studied at a medical school such as Washington State University - Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine or another institution. The exams consist of three "Steps" that you take at different points of your education: Step 1 (after your second year of med school), Step 2 (during your fourth year), and Step 3 (once you've begun postgraduate training).

What concepts can I review during my Spokane USMLE prep?

Since each Step of the USMLE covers different topics, the material you cover depends on the specific test you're studying for. Step 1 is a seven-hour multiple-choice exam that covers foundational scientific topics. You might want to go over the basics of how the human respiratory system works, or work on test-taking strategies to help you maintain your concentration for seven hours.

Step 2 is divided into two parts: Clinical Knowledge and Clinical Skills. The Clinical Knowledge exam utilizes formatting comparable to Step 1, so the same preparation techniques are applicable. The Clinical Skills test is more practical, as you'll interact with patients in a controlled setting. You are graded on your English proficiency, your ability to take a patient history, and how well you explain your treatment recommendations to both the patient and your colleagues. If you're apprehensive about being graded on your social skills, you can role-play comparable scenarios with your instructor so that you know what to expect.

Step 3 is divided into two days: Day 1 features six hours of multiple-choice questions, while Day 2 brings a mix of multiple-choice items and computer-based case simulations. These simulations measure how well you deal with the stress that physicians deal with every day, and it can be jarring if you go in cold. Your instructor may give you sample scenarios so that you have an idea of what to expect going in.

What are the benefits of each type of Spokane USMLE prep?

As noted above, Varsity Tutors can enroll you in a Spokane USMLE prep class or find you a private instructor. If you opt to take a class, you'll meet with a knowledgeable instructor and a group of classmates on our proprietary Live Learning Platform. Every instructor undergoes an extensive vetting process, so you can count on studying under the tutelage of a great communicator who really understands USMLE concepts.

You can also see and hear everybody in the class on our Live Learning Platform, which is an online classroom that allows you to attend your class from any location that has a stable internet connection. You may be wary about sharing your instructor with other students at first, but many students find that they study better in a collaborative learning environment than they could on their own. For example, you might explain population health to a classmate who can't seem to internalize the information. Studying in a group also gives you tremendous value for your money, as you aren't solely responsible for the cost of instruction.

If you would rather work with a private instructor, we can set you up with a USMLE tutor. You will also use the Live Learning Platform to meet, using video chat and a virtual whiteboard to receive a face-to-face study experience anywhere with a solid internet connection. A private instructor can design study sessions around your preferred learning style to optimize their efficiency. For instance, a visual learner might use anatomical models to understand bodily systems, while an auditory learner might benefit more from a lecture and discussion format. You are also free to learn at your own pace with a private instructor, whether that means speeding up to keep sessions engaging or slowing down to develop a fuller understanding of challenging concepts.

Can I sign up for Spokane USMLE prep today?

Simply use the contact info provided below to speak with an Educational Consultant who would be happy to help you figure out which Spokane USMLE prep option would be best for you. Varsity Tutors has helped countless students pursue their academic and professional goals in the past, and we look forward to working with you as well!

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