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If you are searching for CFA prep help, Varsity Tutors can connect you with a private Memphis CFA tutor or online courses to help you be as prepared as possible. The CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst is a credential that is granted by the CFA Institute. To become certified, you must pass the three exams, have a bachelor's degree, and four years of experience in a full-time job that involves decision making about investments. Whether you are currently studying at The University of Memphis, Christian Brothers University, or any other local institute, there is help available to you. When studying for the CFA, it can be helpful to review all of the material you have learned so far because this exam will require you to draw on all of your knowledge. An online Memphis CFA prep course or a private tutor can help you get a more thorough review of the material than you may accomplish on your own.

What concepts can be covered during Memphis CFA prep?

The CFA has three levels. Level One has 240 total multiple-choice questions. This Level is split between two three-hour sections. There are two question formats used in Level One: questions that are based on sentence completion and questions in multiple-choice format. Level Two has 18 case statements with six questions each and three case statements with four questions each. These questions are split into morning and afternoon sessions. Level Three has essays and case statements and is also divided into morning and afternoon sessions as well.

During Memphis CFA prep, you will want to learn about the format just as much as you want to review the material. The exam is quite large, so your instructor can teach you time management skills to help you get through the questions in the right amount of time. Also, you can learn valuable study skills that you can use now and in your future studies.

What are some advantages of the different CFA prep types?

Varsity Tutors can help you get connected with two kinds of prep: online group courses or private instruction. Most of the time, a student will prefer one type of study over the other. However, sometimes students decide to take part in both. Each of the types of prep has its own benefits, but no matter which you decide to utilize, you will be getting accurate information from a skilled professional. Next, we will talk about some of the benefits to each kind of Memphis CFA prep.

If you enjoy working in a private setting, you may respond better to a Memphis CFA tutor. When working with one, you can work at your pace. For instance, if you are struggling to learn quantitative methods, your private CFA mentor can slow down and create multiple lessons to guide you until you are comfortable with the material. Studying one-on-one also means that your instructor can get to know you and create custom lesson plans that are based on your interests, needs, and strengths. Also, your private CFA mentor can use your preferred learning style. If you are a visual learner, your private instructor may create graphs, charts, diagrams, or flashcards to help you learn the material better.

If you would rather work in a traditional setting, you can enroll in a Memphis CFA prep class. With online classes, you can make use of the video chat and online whiteboard features to enhance your learning experience. You will attend class in a virtual classroom, but you will be able to see and interact with your peers and instructor as if they were right next to you. Additionally, your instructor may choose to break your class into smaller groups. These collaborative group activities can help you to learn the material from multiple different perspectives. You can also teach your peers the information from your perspective when they are struggling.

Now that I have learned some benefit, how can I get started with Memphis CFA preparation?

No matter which option you choose, you will get the chance to learn from a skilled professional who is qualified in the format and content of the exam. It is convenient to fit a session or class into your schedule because they are offered at many times a day. If you need a night or weekend class or session, you can sign up for one. Memphis CFA prep can help you with your CFA preparation needs, so give us a call today. Varsity Tutors is looking forward to working with you.

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