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Give Varsity Tutors a call if you want to benefit from professional Portland CFA prep. If you are currently studying at the University of Portland, Concordia University - Oregon, or another area university, you can still register for the first level of the CFA exam, as long as you are in your last year of university, have four years of work experience, or have a combined four years of college and work experience. To register for the other two levels of the CFA exam, you must have a bachelor's degree.

What topics will I learn during Portland CFA preparation?

To get your CFA credential, which is granted by the CFA Institute, you must pass all three levels of the CFA exam. You must pass the previous level before moving on to the next one. The Certified Financial Analyst exam is administered in June of every year. Level One, however, can also be taken in December.

The CFA exam will test you on skills you will need to have as a financial analyst, such as portfolio management, financial reporting, and investment analysis. There will be 10 topics covered on the CFA exam. The exact curriculum of the test can change from year to year. However, the topics covered remain the same, as does the basic structure of the three levels.

Each level will be administered in two sessions, one taking place in the morning and one taking place in the afternoon. Level 1 will have 240 questions, with 120 questions in each session. The questions will be presented in a multiple-choice format, with three possible answers or three possible sentence completions for each question.

Level 2 will have 21 sets of questions. Ten sets will be administered in the morning, and 11 will be administered during the afternoon session. Altogether, there will be 120 questions on the second level.

Level 3 will have between eight to 12 constructed response (essay) questions during the morning session. Each question will have several parts. During the afternoon session, you will be presented with 11 sets of questions (60 questions altogether).

What are the different kinds of Portland CFA prep I can get?

There are two kinds of CFA preparation you can sign up for in Portland. Many students opt to enroll in a Portland CFA prep class. Our classes take place over the internet, in our virtual classrooms. This way, you can get the benefits of professional instruction without leaving your home.

Your class teacher can explain all the topics you need to know for the CFA exam, starting from the basics. This kind of instruction can clear up mistakes that can affect your understanding of entire concepts. It can also help you discover gaps in your knowledge that could affect your performance on the exam.

Another option is studying with a private Portland CFA tutor. A private mentor can focus all of their attention on you. They can create lesson plans that are customized to the pace and learning style you are most comfortable with.

A private educational mentor can take their time when explaining difficult concepts to you. You have more control over the curriculum, so you can request that they skip over topics you already understand. Your tutor can spot your weaknesses and address them.

A private mentor can also help you come up with a study plan to follow when you are studying alone. This can help you stay on track as you reach for your goals. They can also administer practice tests to help you get used to pacing yourself on time-limited exams.

You can study with your instructor over the internet. Our Live Learning Platform makes it easy to interact with each other. You may feel just as if you were sitting at the same table. You can communicate with your mentor through video chat, and you can use our virtual whiteboard to stay organized. You can also request an in-person meeting if you prefer getting tutored in person. Meetings can be arranged at your home or another location that is convenient for you.

How can I sign up for Portland CFA prep?

Get in touch with Varsity Tutors if you want more information on how to prepare for the CFA exam in Portland. Our educational consultants can work with you to figure out your goals. They can help you enroll in a Portland CFA prep course or connect you with a private educational mentor. Regardless of your personal schedule, they can accommodate you. Give us a call today.

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